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Maureen Bell, BA, MA, PGCE, MLS, PhD Maureen Bell

Publications include:

Articles on Elizabeth Calvert, Livewell Chapman, Hannah Allen, Henry Bynneman, Hannah Stranger, Martha Simmons, Elizabeth Alkin for Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, 2004

‘The Book Trade in English Provincial Towns, 1700-1849: an evaluation of evidence from the British Book Trade Index’ (with John Hinks) in Publishing History 57, 2005, pp. 53-112.

A Chronology and Calendar of Documents relating to the London Book Trade 1641-1700, by D.F.McKenzie and M. Bell. 3 vols. (OUP, 2005).

'Booksellers without an author, 1627-1685' in Thomas Middleton and Early Modern Textual Culture, ed. Gary Taylor, Oxford University Press (2007), pp.260-85.

A Catalogue of the Library of Titus Wheatcroft of Ashover, (ed.) (Derbyshire Record Society, 2008)

‘The English Provincial Trade 1700-1850’ (with John Hinks) in A History of the Book in Britain vol. V , ed. M. Suarez and M. Turner, CUP (2009), pp. 335-352.

‘Titus Wheatcroft: An eighteenth-century reader and his manuscripts’ in From Compositors to Collectors: Essays on book-trade history, ed. M. Day (Oak Knoll/British Library, 2012), pp. 235-260.

Research Interests: early printed books; women as producers of text; the uses of print by seventeenth-century radicals and religious groups; the development of the provincial book trade; provincial readers’ access to books.

Simon Best MA, PhD, PG DipSimon Best


‘Adolescent Quakers: a community of intimacy’ in Dandelion, P. and Collins, P. (eds.) The Quaker Condition: the sociology of a liberal religion. Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009; 192 - 215

‘Quaker Events for Young People: informal education and faith transmission.’ Quaker Studies 11 (2); 259-81.

‘Adolescent Quakers: a hidden sect.’ Quaker Studies 13 (1), 103-113

with Max Carter ‘Quakers, Youth, and Young Adults’ in Angell, S. and Dandelion, P. (eds) Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies. Oxford, Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2013
Research interests include: adolescent Quakers, Quaker rites of passage, and the interrelationships between adolescent, young adult, and adult Quakers.

‘Ben’, Pink Dandelion,  BA, PhD 

Publications include:Ben Pink Dandelion

Introduction to Quakerism. Cambridge: CUP, 2007

With Jackie Leach Scully, eds, Good and Evil: Quaker perspectives, Aldershot: Ashgate,  2007.

The Quakers: a very short introduction. Oxford: OUP, 2008.

With Peter Collins (eds), The Quaker Condition: the sociology of a liberal religion. Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009.

with Margery Post Abbott, Mary Ellen Chijioke, and John Oliver (eds), The Historical Dictionary of Quakerism. Second Edition. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press,  2011.

With Stephen W. Angell (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies, Oxford: OUP, 2013.

Research Interests: Present-day Quakerism; Sociology of religion, Quaker eschatology and liturgy.

Betty Hagglund, BA, MA, PhDBetty Hagglund

Publications include:

‘Celia Fiennes’ and ‘Kate Marsden’ in The Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopedia.  London: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2003: 434-435 & 772-773

‘Jane Elizabeth Moore’, ‘Sarah Murray’ and ‘Cassandra Willoughby’ in New Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford: OUP, 2004.

“Not absolutely a native nor entirely a stranger”: the journeys of Anne Grant’ in Tim Youngs and Glenn Hooper (eds), Perspectives on Travel Writing. London: Ashgate, 2004: 41-54

‘Interrupted Travelling: the captivity diaries of Mary and Martha Russell’ in Emin Ozcan (ed.), Sinirlar ve Geçitler. Ankara: University of Ankara, 2004: 111-11'

‘Travel Writing as Domestic Ritual’, Mind and Human Interaction (University of Virginia), vol. 14, no. 1 (2005): 64-70

Research Interests: Travel writing; Origins of early Quakerism; Quaker texts; women’s writing.  

Jon R. Kershner, BA, M.Div, PhD


Publications include:

“The York Manuscript: John Woolman's Final Writings,” Quaker History, 102, Fall 2013, pp. 28-51.

“The Valiant Sixty-First? John Woolman's (1720-1772) Apocalyptic Eschatology and the Restoration of the Lamb's War,” Quaker Studies, September 2013, pp. 23-49.

“A Leader with few Followers: Maurice Creasey and his Theological Vision for the Future of Quakerism,” Quaker Religious Thought, 120, June 2013, pp. 35-46.

“The (Com)Motion of Love: Theological Formation in John Woolman's Itinerant Ministry,” Quaker Religious Thought, 116-117, December 2011, pp. 23-36.

“When Bad Things Happen to Good People,” Spirit Rising, Quaker's United in Publishing, 2010, pp. 186-190.

Research Interests: Research Interests:  John Woolman, Historical Theology, Global Quakerism and Global Christianity, Quaker Apocalypticism, Antislavery. 


Hugh McLeod, BA, PhDHugh McLeod

Publications include:

The Religious Crisis of the 1960s. OUP, 2007.

Editor of The Cambridge History of Christianity, volume 9: World Christianities c.1914-c.2000. CUP, 2006.

'God and the Gallows: Christianity and Capital Punishment in the 19th and 20th Centuries,’ in Kate Cooper and Jeremy Gregory (eds), Retribution, Repentance and Reconciliation. Boydell & Brewer, 2004.

"Thews and Sinews”: Nonconformists and Sport in Victorian and Edwardian England,’ in David Bebbington and Tim Larsen (eds), Christianity and Cultural Aspirations. Sheffield: Academic Press, 2003.

‘The Church of England and Homosexual Law Reform,’ in Melanie Barber and Stephen Taylor (eds), From the Reformation to the Permissive Society. Boydell & Brewer, 2010.

Research interests: Religion and sport in modern Britain; Comparison between the religious trajectories of the United States and of western Europe, with special reference to the periods c.1890-1914 and c.1960-80.

Rosemary Moore, MA, DipTheol, CertEd., BD, PhDRosemary Moore

Publications include:

The Light in Their Consciences: Early Quakers in Britain 1646-1666.  University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2000. 

The History of the Life of Thomas Ellwood, Written by Himself, (editing and introducing). Walnut Creek: Altamira, in association with the International Sacred Literature Trust, 2004.

(With R. Melvin Keiser) Knowing the Mystery of Life Within: Selected Writings of Isaac Penington in their Historical and Theological Context. London: Quaker Books, 2005.

Co-operating editor, Protestant Nonconformist Texts Volume 1, R. Tudur Jones, ed. Aldershot; Ashcroft 2007.

'Seventeenth Century Context and Quaker Beginnings', in Stephen W. Angell and Pink Dandelion, eds, The Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies. Oxford: University Press, 2013.

Research interests: Seventeenth Century Quaker History. With Richard K. Allen, currently engaged in editing and part authoring a book on the second period of Quakerism, 1660-1720
(Pennsylvania State University Press, forthcoming).

Giselle Vincett, BA, MA, PhD

Giselle Vincett

2012 (May). Vincett, G., E. Olson, P. Hopkins, R. Pain. ‘Young People and Performance Christianity in Scotland’. The Journal of Contemporary Religion. 27: 2.

2012. Vincett, G., G. Harvey. ‘Alternative Spiritualities in the British Context’. In L. Woodhead and R. Catto (eds.) Religious Change in Modern Britain (Routledge), 156-172.

2012. Vincett, G., E. Olson. ‘The Religiosity of Young People Growing Up in Poverty’. In L. Woodhead and R. Catto (eds.) Religious Change in Modern Britain, (Routledge), 196-202.

Forthcoming 2012. Olson, E. and G. Vincett. ‘Hanging Out and Hanging On’. In L. Woodhead (ed). Innovative Methods in the Study of Religion (Oxford University Press). 17 pages.

Forthcoming 2012. Vincett, G. ‘Finding Space: Christian Feminists and the Church’.  In L. Kong, P. Hopkins, E. Olson (eds.) Religion and Place: Identity, Community and Territory (Springer).33 pages.

2010. Vincett, G., S. Collins-Mayo. ‘(Dis)Engagements with Christianity Amongst Young People in England and Scotland’. The European Annual Review of Sociology, 1, 219-250.

2009. Vincett, G. ‘Quagans: Fusing Quakerism with Contemporary Paganism’ in Quaker Studies 13:2, 220-237.

2008. Aune, K., S. Sharma, G. Vincett, eds. Women and Religion in the West: Challenging Secularization (Ashgate).

Forthcoming 2013. Vincett, G. 'Finding Space: Christian Feminists and the Church'. In P. Hopkins, L. Kong and E. Olson (eds.) Religion and Place: Landscape, Politics and Piety. (Springer) 33

In addition to specific research interests, staff are able to supervise research across the varied areas of Quaker Studies, as well as topics in Literary Studies, History, Women’s Studies, and the Sociology of Religion.

CPQS also has a group of Honorary Research Fellows. Find out more about them here.

The CPQS Advisory Panel currently consists of, alphabetically:

Richard Allen, Department of History, University of Sunderland
Peter Collins, Department of Anthropology, University of Durham
Elaine Hobby, Department of English and Drama, University of Loughborough
Roger Homan, School of Education, University of Brighton
Hugh McLeod, Department of History, University of Birmingham
Michael Mullett, Department of History, Lancaster University
Rachel Muers, Department of Theology, University of Exeter
Chris Partridge, Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Lancaster University
Janet Scott, Homerton College, Cambridge University
Angus Winchester, Department of History, Lancaster University

To find out more, please contact Ben Pink Dandelion, Programmes Leader, CPQS, at Woodbrooke.

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