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1046 Bristol Road
Birmingham B29 6LJ
United Kingdom

T +44 (0)121 472 5171
F +44 (0)121 472 5173

Reg. Charity No. 313816

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About Woodbrooke

Facilities for Guests

Library and BookshopThe refurbished library

Guests are welcome to use the library at any time. The bookshop contains a good range of Quaker titles and books on theology, Biblical studies, social issues and spirituality.

Silent Room and Art Room

The Silent Room (beside the Quiet Room) and the Gazebo in the garden are available for private for private prayer and contemplation.

Garden and Grounds

Guests are welcome to explore the garden and grounds during their stay.

Quaker Worship

The daily routine of Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre provides opportunities to share in Quaker worship, which is based in silence. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Computers and television

There is wireless internet connection throughout the buildings and a couple of computers available in a pc suite for guests' use. Television at Woodbrooke is limited - a few bedrooms have tvs, and there are also a few available to borrow during your stay (subject to availability).

Lounge AreasTea spot

A bright airy and modern lounge seating around 40 people with a terrace overlooking the garden is available for all our guests to relax and socialise in. The Garden Lounge has daily newspapers and we also have a range of board games and jigsaws available to play.

Tea Spots and Cooking

Tea Spots are located throughout the building. The Tea Spot on Bottom West corridor has a cooker and a microwave for occasional use by guests who have dietary difficulties and need to cook for themselves.


The laundry room contains a washing machine and a tumble dryer, available for general use after 1.30pm, and a drying rack.