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The Library

The Library

The Woodbrooke library is a private collection the primary purpose of which is to support our learning programme. Other than the special collection it is normally open to Woodbrooke residents 24 hours daily.  

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The Quaker Library

Second only to Friends House Library in the wealth of its holding this section of our library consists of about 10,000 items dating from the 17th century to the present day. All substantial British Quaker publications are stocked, as well as many more ephemeral items from Britain and many important books from abroad. Full runs of major pamphlet series, over 100 current Quaker periodicals, some microfilms and a number of relevant PhD theses are also kept.

Together with the Bevan-Naish Collection it contains over half of all items published in the 17th century by Quakers.

To download the Quaker periodicals catalogue, please click here.

The Main Library

Books on a shelfThis part of the library reflects the interests and concerns of Quakers today, with substantial sections on peace, conflict resolution, theology, gender issues, Biblical studies, social justice and areas of faith in action. It provides material for Woodbrooke courses with further and peripheral reading for those engaged in Quaker Studies.

The Bevan-Naish Collection

This special collection consists of early books, tracts and a few manuscripts by Quaker authors and on Quaker topics, many of them 17th and 18th century. This is not only a resource for scholars but a source of inspiration for all Quakers.

Use of the Library

Other than the special collection it is normally open to Woodbrooke residents 24 hours daily.  

There is a fact sheet for visually impaired users of Woodbrooke Library which can be downloaded by clicking here or you can view the page online.

Woodbrooke Library does not hold substantial material on local Quakers and their history (other than Woodbrooke’s history). If you are seeking material on this, we suggest that you contact the Library of Birmingham ( which has extensive archives relating to the City of Birmingham and holds the archives and records of Central England Area Meeting (previously Warwickshire Monthly Meeting).