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United Kingdom

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More about Becoming Friends

The Becoming Friends course offers newcomers:

  • flexible learning materials, accessible online or on paper
  • options for working alone & with others, using a variety of approaches
  • a choice of learning units & activities to suit a wide range of interests & learning styles
  • the chance to work at their own pace & for a length of time that suits their interests & availability
  • a wide range of on-line discussion groups, resources & links

As newcomers engage with the course, Meetings can offer them support from a Becoming Friends ‘companion’ whose role is to:

  • support newcomers working with the learning materials
  • help newcomers find out more about Quakerism through sharing their own knowledge and experience, and helping to arrange conversations and interactions with other Friends
  • help newcomers reflect on the learning process and their own journey with Friends
  • help newcomers feel more rooted in their local meeting

The Becoming Friends scheme supports Meetings by providing: 

  • guidance about working with the Becoming Friends course
  • a framework for identifying, preparing & supporting Becoming Friends companions
  • access to courses & a support network for Becoming Friends companions
  • well structured opportunities throughout the Becoming Friends course for local Friends to engage with newcomers in conversation, discussion & reflection