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Online Learning

Would you like to do a course or retreat but can't easily get away from home? Perhaps you are busy with work, have caring commitments, live at a distance from Woodbrooke, or find it hard to travel?

Or maybe you are one of a growing number of people who enjoy learning using new technologies, who like to do your study or reflection at times to suit you, or who simply like to live adventurously and try something new...

If any of these sounds like you, why not try one of our e-learning courses in 2016? Building on our experience of offering high-quality, spiritually-rooted Quaker learning, and our pioneering online offerings such as the Becoming Friends course, we are now entering an exciting phase of expanding our e-learning provision to bring more learning opportunities to more people.

So what is e-learning?

E-learning can mean anything from a podcast to taking part in a fully online course or retreat. It includes any learning involving an electronic element - whether it's audio downloads, a webinar, an online discussion following a face-to-face course, or a video of a lecture. If you have ever watched a video of a talk on the internet, then you have done some e-learning! Woodbrooke's e-learning aims to be highly interactive, with lively tutor engagement and high-quality content and resources, as you would expect from any of our courses. 

What's on offer?

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Online courses


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So what is e-learning?

What do participants say?


The initial advice is generally the same – “Only do as much as you want to” – but, of course, you always end up doing more than you first intended. And why wouldn’t you? The online programmes are beautifully put together, and are delivered with great care and not a little humour. It never feels like we are being talked at, and I think that is a real achievement. 

The formal sessions are punctuated with periods for reflection and opportunities to ask questions or seek clarification, and between these sessions there is the course area on Moodle (don’t ask me how it works, but it does) for ongoing discussion and further enquiry. I am always amazed when a question I have asked gets an almost instant reply from either a fellow participant and/or the course leader, no matter what time of day or night it seems. This is what builds that wonderful sense of being together, of travelling together, of learning together, no matter our differing starting abilities or different backgrounds (my background is in Buddhism, for instance). And when we are at our best, we are clearly participating in something that always feels meaningful and significant. Maybe that’s why these courses work so well. In making our different contributions, it is our openness and generosity towards each other and the shared situation that creates the very rich and enjoyable learning experience. 

David Patten - 2016 online course participant