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1046 Bristol Road
Birmingham B29 6LJ
United Kingdom

T +44 (0)121 472 5171
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Reg. Charity No. 313816

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About Woodbrooke

Photo Gallery 

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Open Garden Day Fun Labyrinth in the Snow
'Enjoying the summer sun' 'Labyrinth in the snow'

Symme Tree

 Fungal Framing

'Symmetree' 'Fungal framing'
Winter at Woodbrooke  Lightbulb
'Winter at Woodbrooke' 'Growing ideas at Woodbrooke'
Chinese Garden Woodbrooke Tree by Wess Daniels
 'In the Chinese garden' 'Woodbrooke tree'
 Anyone at home?  Visiting the Walled Garden
 'Anyone at home?' 'Visiting the Walled Garden'
February 4th 2009 Winter Visitor at Woodbrooke
'February 4th' 'Winter visitor'
Spring has arrived  Blossom at Woodbrooke
'Spring has arrived'  'Blossom at Woodbrooke'


'Woodbrooke seasons'  
'Woodbrooke seasons'  
 'Peter Peri's sculpture against the lake'