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Quagans: Fusing Quakerism with contemporary Paganism

Single Article from Quaker Studies 13/2

Giselle Vincett

Quagans: Fusing Quakerism with contemporary Paganism Image


Quaker Pagans are a relatively new phenomenon. Since no detailed description of the spirituality of Quaker Pagans has yet been done, to make a modest beginning this paper situates Quaker Pagans within the contexts of British Quakerism and contemporary paganism. It extends Pink Dandelion’s concept of a ‘behavioural creed’ (1996) by arguing that Quaker Pagans have a ‘practical belief’ system and a performative theology, and outlines how Quaker Pagans hold together their dual religious identity. Building upon Peter Collins’ (2008) work on Quaker narratives, the paper looks particularly at the way in which Quaker Pagans utilise story and metaphor. Finally, it draws parallels between the emphasis on experiential seeking in both Quaker and Pagan ritual. 

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