Statement 19 March 2020: COVID-19 Impact

UPDATE: Activity at Woodbrooke’s centre, including B&B, Conferencing and onsite learning, will remain suspended until August 2020 at the earliest.  We have increased our online courses which can be accessed here. Statement 19 March 2020 On the 14 of March Woodbrooke announced that we were suspending our on-site course programme, initially until April 30, as … Read more

Who cares about care?

Who cares about care? Woodbrooke

Tracey Martin on the care crisis, how it’s affected her, and how Quakers might respond. ‘The origins of the crisis of care predate the financial crisis of 2008 and the slashing of welfare spending which followed. The deeper cause of this crisis is a fundamental failure to value – and appropriately reward – the centrality … Read more

Swarthmore Lecture 2021

Swarthmore Lecture 2021 Woodbrooke

Woodbrooke is delighted to announce that Thomas Penny will give the 2021 Swarthmore Lecture – Kinder Ground: Creating Space for Truth. Thomas’ lecture will address Truth in the era of fake news, and will draw on his 29 years’ experience working as a journalist. He will revisit the Quaker commitment to Truth, asking how Quaker … Read more

Barclay’s Apology – who, what, and why?

Barclay's Apology - who, what, and why? Woodbrooke

Rhiannon Grant unpacks Barclay’s Apology and explains why we are still talking about it 345 years after it was published. If you hang around with Quakers for a while, you might hear about a book called Barclay’s Apology. It’s often described as the best, or even only, systematic or academic book on Quaker theology. That’s … Read more

Looking back at 2020

A pen paper, laptop and flowers

Jon Martin, Woodbrooke’s Communications Manager, looks back at Woodbrooke Learning in 2020. In a year fraught with difficulties one of the positive aspects of 2020 was how Quakers around the world were able to connect with each other online. With all learning activity at the Woodbrooke Centre in Birmingham suspended from March onwards we increased … Read more

Supporting Woodbrooke – Statement 8 Feb 2021

Supporting Woodbrooke – Statement 8 Feb 2021 Woodbrooke

Woodbrooke has been working hard to ensure that throughout the pandemic we offer learning, nurture, connection, training and worship opportunities. We have been really encouraged by the engagement from Friends, with course participation increasing by over a third in 2020. Many new Friends, Friends from across the world, and the Quaker-curious are experiencing Woodbrooke for … Read more

How spiritual direction feeds me

How spiritual direction feeds me Woodbrooke

Katie Evans reflects on her experience of spiritual direction ahead of the online course ‘Nurturing Our Spiritual Lives through Spiritual Direction’, 8th Feb – 4th April 2021 Spiritual direction, and it’s near sister, spiritual friendship are practices that sustain me, feeding my inner life. I first sought out one-to-one spiritual accompaniment nearly ten years ago. … Read more

Spiritual Safari

Spiritual Safari Woodbrooke

Nim Njuguna shares his understanding of spiritual direction using the image of going on Safari. My view of spirituality is like that of a man who goes on his first Safari to Kenya and spends time with a Game Warden as his tour guide. Having been an avid armchair Safari enthusiast for so long, he … Read more

Woodbrooke to join A Quaker Take podcast

The words 'A Quaker Take' on a colourful backgorund

The popular podcast ‘A Quaker Take’ has become a joint project of Quakers in Britain and Woodbrooke. Started in 2016 by staff at Quakers in Britain, the podcast was originally called Q:Witness but later rebranded to A Quaker Take. The podcast talks about ideas, faith, and activism, exploring a range of issues in Britain and … Read more

Revisiting The Meeting House

Revisiting The Meeting House Woodbrooke

In light of everything that’s happened in 2020 Maud Grainger asks what the purpose of a Quaker meeting house is. I remember the exact moment my relationship to a building, in terms of a place of worship, changed. It was a day conference on climate in London and I had headed down with fairly low … Read more

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