Online worship advice

On this page, we’re collating advice and resources to help you get the most out of online worship. You’ll find guidance on how to get the most out of online worship and our resources to help you set up Quaker online worship for your own community. To find out more about joining Woodbrooke online worship click here. 

Quakers in Britain and Woodbrooke have produced this guide to help meetings wanting to explore online worship:

A Quaker’s guide to online worship and meetings

A simple guide for online children’s meeting

A guide to Quaker online youth work

A guide for new worshippers

Email for more information and support.

To help Friends preparing for worship online, the following sessions are available:

  • Wednesday 8 April 09.30-10.30 – Practice joining Zoom
  • Wednesday 8 April 11:00-12:00 – Setting up your online meeting for worship
  • Wednesday 15 April 10:00-11:00 – Setting up your online meeting for worship
  • Wednesday 15 April 11.30-12.30- Practice joining Zoom
  • Thursday 16 April 14.30-15.45 – Forum for those running an online meeting for worship to share experiences

​Join by using the Woodbrooke zoom worship link:

Click here to join  Woodbrooke online worship via Zoom

Please be aware this link is used for meeting for worship throughout the week, see our worship page for more information.

A video introduction to using Zoom for online worship: 


For more resources see:
Being the church online by Quaker Kathleen, New England Yearly Meeting.
Connection in a Time of Covid-19 by Emily Provance, New York Yearly Meeting.
Online Quaker Worship around the world from FWCC