Gardening Friends

It would not be possible for us to maintain Woodbrooke’s 10 acres of organic garden and grounds to a high standard without the work and care of volunteers.

Woodbrooke’s garden and grounds are an integral part of the experience offered to guests, enabling peace, beauty, and access to nature during what are often intensive courses or conferences.  Volunteers, known as Gardening Friends, assist Woodbrooke’s Head Gardener in a variety of tasks which could include:

  • Tending the vegetable garden, herbaceous and shrub borders.
  • Edging borders.
  • Weeding paths.
  • Digging or forking over beds.
  • Trimming hedges.
  • Propagation.
  • Deadheading flowers.
  • Raking and forking hay.
  • Sweeping and gathering leaves etc…

Because of the size and nature of the grounds, the work requires a degree of physical stamina.

Volunteers either stay residentially at Woodbrooke for a period of a few weeks or a couple of months, or are local to the area.

Residential Gardening Friends

Residential volunteers are usually sought to cover the months between March and October. In return for free room and board, we would expect you to spend 25 hours a week in the garden and grounds as one of a team of staff and volunteers on site.

Volunteering locally as a Gardening Friend

For local volunteers, the day begins at 9:30 am, working until Tea Break at 10:45-11:00 am then working to Lunch at 12:45 to 1:45 pm and finishing work for 4. There is allowance for flexibility for those wishing to work part of a day. Volunteers are offered lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments, and a contribution towards their travel costs.

If you are interested in offering service as a Gardening Friend please contact us below.