Provide a grant or low-interest loan

There are many ways to help Woodbrooke, one way that might not be immediately obvious is via low-interest loans or grants. In the past, area meetings have found low-interest loans have been a great way of putting some of their reserves into action by temporarily loaning Woodbrooke money at a favorable rate.

You may not be aware but we were able to go ahead with building the Garden Lounge several years ago because an area meeting gave us an interest-free loan, so we didn’t have to wait to start building until we had raised all the funds.

Woodbrooke also receives some grants.  For example, some participants on Equipping for Ministry who couldn't otherwise afford it are funded by the Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust via the Wilfrid Littleboy bursary.  During this unprecedented situation, Woodbrooke needs to apply for any additional money it can, to keep serving the Quaker community.  Do you know of any grants or funds that could help?  Please let us know.

If you have funds which you want to use to make a difference in the Quaker community, please consider Woodbrooke and contact us using the form below. (Please note any cheques sent to Woodbrooke must be made payable to Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre.)

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