Woodbrooke correspondents

Woodbrooke correspondents play an important role in helping to get information about learning opportunities to Friends in meetings. In many meetings this is formalised by having a correspondent who acts as a voice for Woodbrooke in meetings, encouraging them to take advantage of all we have to offer and importantly as a voice for meetings with Woodbrooke providing feedback and ideas.

What does a Woodbrooke correspondent do?

Correspondents can expect to receive information every few months in the form of leaflets, letters and brochures. By giving a few hours a year of your time in the following way, you can help Woodbrooke enrich your meeting:

  • Inform Friends at your meeting about courses which might be of interest to them or relevant to their given roles e.g. Financial Stewardship.
  • Make those who need it aware of financial support that Woodbrooke and local meetings can offer.
  • Share ideas with Woodbrooke about how we can better serve your meeting with relevant and useful courses.
  • Support Woodbrooke when we have fundraising appeals by distributing information.
  • Making your meeting aware of Woodbrooke’s B&B and meeting room facilities.

How do I apply?

Simply complete the contact form below to become a Woodbrooke correspondent.