The cost of the ‘Blessed Community’

Mark Russ shares his experience of the challenges of being in community and how he came to appreciate ‘Blessed Community’. As Quakers we hope for a world where everyone’s inherent…

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Loving Earth Project: South Belfast Meeting’s story

Bronwen Haire shares her experience getting involved in the Loving Earth Project, sharing how South Belfast Meeting used Loving Earth to bring them together in lockdown  I was fortunate to…

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Photo of Birmingham Pride

Stronger Together – a Quaker reflection on Pride

In the midst of lockdown, pride season looks very different to normal for Mark Russ, who reflects on its meaning for him as a white male gay Quaker. June is…

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Online worship – Britain Yearly Meeting and the pandemic

How have Quaker meetings responded to the pandemic? Rhiannon Grant uses our latest research to shine a light on the online worship landscape. At the end of March 2020, when…

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Towards Quaker Ecotheology – James Nayler and Climate Crisis

Stuart Masters suggests early Quaker writings can offer us spiritual insights as we respond to the climate crisis. In response to an intensifying environmental crisis that threatens life on earth…

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Paradise Lost

What’s the significance of Paradise Lost? Why is it of interest to Quakers?  Mart Layton looks forward to the return of his course ‘Paradise Lost: an introduction’ How do you…

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What can we learn about ourselves and the planet during lockdown?

Maud shares her response to how Covid-19 is impacting the environment and ourselves. Some say it is quiet outside, and it is, except I hear the sirens, that seem ever…

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Prayer and change

Rhiannon wonders about the changing world created by Covid-19 and the place of prayer in her new routines.  “Come regularly to meeting for worship even when you are angry, depressed,…

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Mysticism or activism?

Mark Russ doesn’t think Quakers have to choose between political activism and spiritual depth.  Has Quakerism become too concerned with political activism at the expense of spiritual depth? Or are…

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Time and spirituality: what sets our pace?

Katie Evans discusses the importance of Retreats and how to reshape our relationship with time. A parachute slows its user down. It would be absurd to jump from a plane…

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