The time that is given us

In ‘The Lord Of The Rings’, Frodo says to Gandalf: “I wish it need not have happened in my time.” And Gandalf wisely replies: “So do I … and so…

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What is ‘Woke’ Bible Study?

Woodbrooke has been running a short series of ‘woke’ Bible studies. What on earth does this mean? Let me try to explain. Woke is a word which started off as…

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‘Meetings for Nourishment in a Time of Climate Crisis’

Eva Koch Scholar Naomi Richards discusses her research on ‘meetings for nourishment’ and the accompanying booklet she created on the topic. I began my research from the question: How do…

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‘A Guide to Quaker Clerking’ – How it came about

Woodbrooke have recently uploaded a new resource on Quaker clerking. Where did that come from and why was it needed? I’ve been a Woodbrooke associate tutor for approximately twenty years…

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Hands holding 2 pieces of the puzzle in the background of trees

Finding connections within conflict and crisis

Tanya Hubbard shares how her experience of working for peace around the world can help us with crisis and tension closer to home. As a white, able-bodied, middle-class woman, I…

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Meet the 2022 Eva Koch Scholars

 The 2022 Eva Koch Scholars share their topic and why it’s important to Quakers today. From left to right: Naomi Richards, Marguerite Kearns, Kate McNally, Kirstin Munro. Not pictured Ruth…

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Exploring Vocal Ministry

Mark Russ discusses Vocal Ministry as Spiritual Food One of the difficulties in communicating the Quaker way, is that many of the words we use have a specific Quaker meaning…

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A hand with leaves in the wind

Reshaping our understanding of Quaker community

Jon Martin discusses why we should talk more about being Quaker and how important it is to be open to change in our Quaker communities. This is a talk originally…

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Meet the Eva Koch Scholars

 The 2021 Eva Koch Scholars share their topic and why it’s important to Quakers today. Alfred Wasike What are you exploring in your Eva Koch scholarship? I am exploring ways…

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What Does Deification Mean?

Stuart Masters explores the concept of deification from a Quaker perspective. The experience of deification, the idea that the divine nature can be revealed in human lives, was really important…

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