My Feminist T-shirt

I recently purchased a T-shirt which says Feminist quite clearly on it; I received more comments wearing this T-shirt than any other slogan based item of clothing I have worn. So why did I wear a Feminist tee?

How many ways can Quakers worship?

When talking about Quakers in the world today, it is easy to put Quakers into different boxes: ‘Liberal’, ‘Evangelical’, ‘Pastoral’, ‘Conservative’. We might even think that ours is the only box there is. Sometimes it is important to step outside the box.

Woodbrooke Learning Blog

The Woodbrooke blog is our way of sharing Woodbrooke learning with you.  The blog has contributions from our Programmes Team on upcoming work and emerging thinking and other areas of Woodbrooke’s learning programme. We share material written by Eva Koch Scholars and Associate Tutors that highlights work that they have done.

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