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    Exploring the Early Quaker Vision

    In our time together we will explore the founding experience and vision of the Quaker movement and consider how early Friends lived a prophetic, charismatic and apocalyptic faith that very nearly turned the world upside-down. How did this vision shape the Quaker understanding of the Bible and the possibility of personal transformation? Can we see the roots for our contemporary concerns for peace, equality and creation-care? How is this vision reflected in Quaker global diversity today?

    The Art of Natural Prayer

    Prayer is the natural heritage of everyone, including  people of spirit with no fixed or Christian faith.  We will explore prayer through silence, song, walking in nature, meditation and mediation, working with the regenerative sacred source of the universe. By taking responsibility for our spiritual practice, we become fully human by our service to natural prayer, enabling us to be a blessing to others. Anyone with hospitality of soul, or who is seeking doorways to personal spiritual practice, is welcome.

    Time in a safe haven: a retreat for spiritual directors

    This retreat is designed for all those who are actively involved in providing spiritual direction and/or accompaniment on a one to one basis. We aim to connect with the spirit as well as with each other through practices that engage head, heart and hands. There will be plentiful opportunity for networking, individual quiet time, and spiritual refreshment in Woodbrooke's beautiful grounds.

    Quaker Mysticism: Exploring The Heart of Quaker Spirituality With Rufus Jones & Thomas Kelly

    What is mysticism?  How do mystical experiences differ from other sorts of encounters with God?  What is the relationship between mysticism and Quaker faith and practice? Those are three of the questions that participants and tutors on this course will consider together.  As we reflect on those questions, we’ll pay special attention to the life and work of two authors—Rufus Jones (1863-1948) and Thomas Kelly (1893-1941)—who produced classic explorations of Quaker mysticism that can still speak to us today.

    Hope in Troubled Times

    Throughout the weekend we shall come together in fellowship and friendship with practices and prayer to strengthen our resolve and to nurture hope. How can we be hopeful amidst a daily intake of stories of suffering, division, conflict and terror? Are we as Friends called to be a hopeful people? And how can we live out the ‘change we want to see in the world.  Paul Rogers, a leading expert in global security will join us for a keynote on ‘reasons to be hopeful’.

    Quaker Chaplaincy Training

    This training is open to all Quaker prison chaplains and to all other Quaker chaplains. It is suitable for both new and more experienced chaplains, regardless of how much time they spend on chaplaincy work. It will cover the Quaker basis for prison ministry, finding and developing your ministry, practical issues, building trusting relationships and training and support for your ministry.

    Exploring Eldership and Oversight Together

    This is a weekend for Friends serving in joint or corporate systems of eldership or oversight, or with elements or combinations of these. This course aims to help participants identify how the responsibilities of eldership and oversight are met in their meetings, and to share good practice. We will explore pastoral care and spiritual nurture within worshipping communities and consider practical issues. We hope everyone will leave with new skills and insights, feeling more confident about their part in eldership and oversight in their meeting.

    Clerking: Taking It To The Next Level

    This course is aimed at Friends who have served as clerks for at least two years, whether of a local meeting, area meeting or another group. We will consider topics such as how to educate your meeting better about Quaker decision making processes, the use of elders in business meetings and handing over to the next clerk. Please come ready to share successes and things that haven’t gone so well in your clerking.

    Seeds of Silence – the ground of our being: An Appleseed retreat

    Julian of Norwich described God as the ground of our being, a place where our seeds of silence can grow and spread. This is a silent retreat with input on the theme at the beginning of each day, plus options of lectio divina, worship sharing and one-to-one sessions with a tutor. We shall hold silence at meals, when working, and overnight so participants will need to have enough experience of Appleseed to be able to work independently.

    A Chanting Retreat for Women: A pathway to the silence within

    From time immemorial, people have sung and chanted together to lift spirits, to heal suffering, to unify souls, and to come closer to God. In our time together, we will learn and sing chants, simple songs and rounds, including ones composed from the writings of early Friends, interspersed with times of silent meditation, reflective journaling and sharing. Participants are encouraged to bring a favourite quotation or scripture passage to set to song during our time together. *This course is for women only*

    Signposts for the Soul: Pathways Through Addiction

    Being lost in addiction can be one of the darkest nights of the soul, but we know that however dark, the Light can shine and help us find pathways through. This conference will include contributions from Friends and provide an opportunity for you to share insights in the form of short talks, posters, or in other creative ways; to exchange freely on what helps. This is living adventurously for us! Can we inspire you to do the same?

    Be Comforted – handknitted prayer shawls for consolation and courage

    Hand knitted shawls are enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity. Worked with love and compassion, in luxurious yarns, using stitches of delicate lace or bold cables, shawls say 'be comforted' at a time when courage is most needed against life's pitfalls. The programme will cover basic shawl shapes, circular, triangular, and oblong. Techniques will include lace, Portuguese knitting, and demonstrate how knitting and meditation work together. Participants must be confident knitters. The course is fast paced and is not suitable for beginners.

    John Woolman and the Apocalypse of the Heart

    This course examines the life of colonial Quaker John Woolman, who is best known for his antislavery activities and simplicity, but his theology is lesser known. This course is informed by Woolman’s Journal but also includes texts from his other writings. Each session will focus on a theological theme that enlivened his theology and shaped his vision for colonial America. This examination of Woolman’s life raises questions for the impact of Quaker tradition on faithfulness today.
    Please note, Jon Kershner will introduce each topic via a live linkup from US, whilst Martin Layton will facilitate discussion from Woodbrooke.

    Making Mosaics

    During this course you will learn essential mosaic skills and have the opportunity to translate your ideas into something to take home. No previous mosaic experience is necessary. All equipment and a generous abundance of materials will be provided. Please bring with you any ideas or sketches that you would like to use, and tiles or crockery that may have some special meaning to you. You may wish to bring an object to's entirely up to you.

    Making bread in an Outdoor Oven

    We shall spend time making bread to cook in our outdoor wood fired bread oven. Come for collaboration, fun, kneading, cooking and eating. If there is a recipe you would like to try out, please bring it and we shall give it a try. Things you need to know - We shall be walking and working between the bread oven in the grounds and our indoor meeting space. Please come prepared to work outside (waterproofs, hats, boots etc.) We cannot guarantee a gluten free environment.

    The Acts of the Apostles: Peter, Paul and the Early Christian Way

    In addition to his Gospel, Luke wrote the Acts of the Apostles, an account of the earliest days of Christianity featuring Peter and Paul. With these two books he establishes a purpose and direction for the early Church that still shapes Christianity today. In this course about Acts, we will consider Luke’s broad understanding but give attention to a number of short sections of Acts to see how they contribute to his vision of what he calls ‘the Way’.