Creative Arts and Spirituality

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    Dances of Universal Peace: dancing into the New Year with faith & joy

    “Fall into your heart”, holding hands, honouring various religions / spiritual traditions, moving and chanting in a circle. Simple words, simple movements, attuning to love, harmony and beauty: dancing inter-faith. A joyful and powerful experience of oneness, freeing the voice. We move, breathe and sing together, holding hands - like one organism, like a cell in the body, remembering being part of something much bigger than the small self. No singing or dancing experience is required.

    Anger Management with Art

    This course is for anyone who wants to look at anger issues using art materials - those wanting to look at their own anger, those working with others who are angry, or both. No ability in art is needed, just a willingness to have a go. We will look at what anger is; whether it is good or bad; at the physical symptoms of anger; the influence of early family patterns; using relaxation and assertiveness to manage anger more constructively.

    Stepping into the Parables: creative approaches to the teaching of Jesus

    This course offers opportunities to explore the Parables that Jesus used to get people thinking and stepping further along in their personal and corporate spiritual and religious journeys. The facilitators will use a mixture of the Godly Play and conventional storytelling approaches to open out the parables. The course will offer a variety of ways to engage the senses, the imagination, reflection, wondering and thought. In a changing and threatened world how can Parables help us?

    Icon Painting as a Spiritual Practice: from traditional to contemporary icon

    As an icon painter I never stop looking for a language that expresses the experience of the soul. For me, this is the most honest way of communicating my spiritual experience. This time at Woodbrooke I would like to invite participants to explore Icon painting as a form of spiritual journey to enable them to find quietness and stillness, and forget about what they left at home.

    Metaphysical Poets

    By turns passionate and playful, earthy and intelligent. The metaphysical poets used the imagery of the everyday to explore ideas of love, death and faith. Writing in the age of empire and exploration, they offered their readers a new way of seeing the world, breaking the conventions of Elizabethan poetry with a freshness and immediacy rarely equalled in English literature. This course will explore the work of John Donne, Andrew Marvell and George Herbert.

    Wise Hands: an Appleseed course

    We use hands for so much - practical tasks, writing to friends, holding those we care for, creative work.  Sometimes they do what our minds tell them; sometimes they have a wisdom of their own, hidden from us unless we pay attention. The Appleseed approach, of short talks followed by very simple creative activities (which need no artistic skills) and worship sharing, provides a safe environment for exploring this theme.  The course is suitable for those with and without previous Appleseed experience.