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    Writing Retreat at Swarthmoor Hall

    Set in the beautiful and quiet surroundings of Swarthmoor Hall, this retreat is open to anyone looking for space and time for writing, whether starting a new project, or to take forward or finish off a current piece. There will be the opportunity to hear from the tutors about their experience of writing and one to one time with them but the emphasis will be on creating a supportive environment to devote to the craft itself.

    To book Woodbrooke courses at Swarthmoor Hall please email or ring 01229 583204

    Icon Painting as a spiritual practice

    Please note: There is an error in our latest brochure. The correct non-resident price is £350.

    Practicing icon painting helps us to look into ourselves, make time to be in the silence of our hearts and learn who we are. How can we then after knowing more about what we are develop a connection and relationship with the Divine. Learning technique will be a very important part of the course. Feeling confident in creating an image helps to forget about all distractions, things we can’t achieve, things that we don’t understand and simply let our hand be an extension of our souls. Participants will learn all stages of icon painting and principles of the technique but will focus on meditative aspect of the process. Each session will start with short guided meditation to help us reconnect with our bodies.

    Beethoven’s 9th Symphony

    Please note: There is an error in our latest brochure. The correct prices for this course are £295 for residents and £220 for non-residents. The higher price is to cover the cost of performance tickets.

    Beethoven’s final symphony expresses complex and intimate states of mind while embracing the universal aspirations of the Age of Revolution, in unprecedentedly dramatic and beautiful music.  In this course we shall look both at the historical context and the way that Beethoven has shaped the work. We shall hear Simon Rattle conducting the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in an eagerly awaited performance. This course is intended for all music lovers, and specialist knowledge is not needed.

    Introduction to Life Writing for Transformation

    ‘Greet yourself in your thousand other forms. As you mount the hidden tide and travel back home’ Hafiz. Whether you are looking for practical tips to kick start your writing, or seek deeper personal transformation, this course provides a safe, inspiring retreat. Introducing key tools of Transformative Life Writing™ that minimise your inner critic, enabling you to re-connect with your authentic voice. On completion, writers join the wider community of Transformative Life Writers™. This includes newsletters, and an annual retreat at Woodbrooke

    Pattern of Seasons: a handicraft retreat

    Using informal worshop sessions, we will explore and develop the traditional handcrafts of rug-making, quilting, patchwork and applique to create fabrics reflecting and inspired by the colours of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. A group project is included and all materials and equipment will be provided.

    Mosaics My Way! A Journey of creative self discovery

    There is beauty in the process of mosaic making. You jig-saw fragments to describe your story, which may include items of personal significance. Within the process of play, we discover a stillness in making. No previous mosaic experience necessary. All equipment and materials provided. During the course you will learn essential skills: cut shapes with tile nippers, score snappers, create with crockery, use a variety of adhesives, translate your ideas into mosaic and learn how to grout. Comments from Woodbrooke 2018 Making Mosaics: “What a week! I have felt completely happy... really good to feel that. So good to laugh and create and to learn” “What an amazing week & how much we’ve all accomplished, much more than expected & no pressure. The seed has fallen on fertile ground & created.” “ Many thanks for your inspiration and expert tuition in your inimitable style! I feel encouraged...” “You’ve bounced us through a week of enthusiasm, joyous creativity & a wonder of mosaic world. Total enjoyment.”

    Drawing a labyrinth – patterns of wonder, spaces of reflection

    Labyrinths are creative resources for spiritual practice, and offer space for prayer, play and discovery. Starting with paper and pencil, we'll create labyrinth patterns from around the world, from simple to more complex designs. We'll make labyrinths small enough for postcards - and big enough to walk, using natural and temporary materials. By the end of the course, everyone will know how to create a temporary labyrinth indoors or outdoors.

    Dance for Joy

    If you enjoy dancing and music from all around the world, then this is the weekend for you. We will dance to a wide variety of music and in different styles, some lively, some more meditative. Circle dance enhances our sense of community, of wholeness and of harmony, drawing as it does on the diverse heritage of traditional cultures and a range of musical genres. Experienced and less experienced dancers are all welcome.

    The Wonder of Seed: the whole world in your hand

    An oak tree inside an acorn, a conker on a string, the wheat grains that makes our bread – seeds will provide beauty, wonder and inspiration to stimulate creative ideas and writing. We will also draw on the rich meanings and resonances of seeds by dipping into myths, our imaginations and memories, finding how the seed offers a way of thinking and speaking about our deep selves and inner growth.

    Experiment with Joy

    Christianity exhorts us to rejoice and give thanks. It’s quite hard to do in the face of our many world challenges. We’ll come together in an experimental spirit to enquire together as to what might support us in the practice of joy. We’ll include singing/sounding, giving thanks, praying for each other.

    A Taste of Life Writing for Transformation™

    This self-paced course introduces a process of writing for authentic, creative self-expression and personal development. A “no red pens” approach results in greater awareness, mindfulness and self-acceptance through a gentle stream of guided tools you can use just five minutes at a time. The course includes three multimedia modules and a workbook, based on the work of Joanne Klassen, creator of Life Writing for Transformation™. Each module introduces key concepts from the book followed by exercises, examples, a review and additional optional learning activities.

    This course involves a time commitment of approximately 2-3 hours per week.

    Please note the change of course dates: This course now runs from 23 September to 3 November, one week later than the dates originally published in our brochure.


    Journaling: A Way to the Centre – at Swarthmoor Hall

    This course is for those who wish to use journaling as a tool to deepen spiritual life. In reflecting on our current condition, via a series of exercises designed to image our lives, possibilities are opened for becoming more deeply centred. We hope to take ourselves to the place where we are more composed, more still, and words become irrelevant because we are writing the Living Minutes of a faithful life: we will be engaged in prayer.

    To book Woodbrooke courses at Swarthmoor Hall please email or ring 01229 583204