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    Seeking Sanctuary and Stillness

    A time set aside to enjoy spaciousness and quiet in your own home and join with others on-line to share a sense of connection. Different spiritual practices will be offered on each of the days, to help you to focus, and to settle into a place of deep peace and openness to all that is; the flowing vastness of presence. We will join together for silent worship and reflection during the day.
    We encourage people of all faiths and non to participate
    These days will be ‘live’ for part of the day (Timings will be GMT+1) with time for you to create your own space for stillness and quiet during the rest of the day
    There will be an opportunity for asking questions and sharing reflections during the day
    You may join us for any combination of between one and four of the days.
    Participants have the option to join in with all four day retreats running throughout 2018 at a total cost of £55.

    A Taste of Life Writing for Transformation™

    This self-paced course introduces a process of writing for authentic, creative self-expression and personal development. A “no red pens” approach results in greater awareness, mindfulness and self-acceptance through a gentle stream of guided tools you can use just five minutes at a time.
    The course includes six multimedia modules and a workbook, based on the work of Joanne Klassen, creator of Life Writing for Transformation™. Each module introduces key concepts from the book followed by exercises, examples, a review and additional optional learning activities.
    This course can be completed in your own time, although we recommend setting aside 2-3 hours a week.
    Each week there will be video, audio and written materials for you to engage with.
    This course is intended for anyone who has planned to write about their life, spiritual journey, or unique experiences. This course will provide the guidance to begin.
    This is the first time that *Life Writing for Transformation* TM has been made available as an online course. It is an ideal introduction or refresher course.

    Voices of the Earth

    This popular course explores the intimate relationship between the natural world and spirituality through creative responses in writing and artwork. Prompted by poetry, the visual arts, music and Woodbrooke’s extensive gardens, with fresh starting points and stimuli offered each year, there will be abundant opportunity for working in a variety of media and forms. We will engage individually or collaboratively both with the places words can take us and where visual images and making art can lead to beyond words.

    O Be Joyful: finding joy through singing and reflection

    We’ll spend most of this weekend singing simple harmony songs from around the world, some sacred, some secular, some lively, some meditative. All songs will be taught by ear. You’ll also have opportunity for reflection, choosing between writing, art activities and time in the garden, so the singing can nourish your life. We’ll cultivate joy and gratitude. This course is for anyone who wants to sing, including those who aren’t confident. Different songs from last time I ran this course.

    Ancient Paths: A retreat with the labyrinth

    Time to be; time to rest; time to walk the labyrinth, to find ‘a different way of knowing.’ Unlike mazes, labyrinths have just one path to the centre and back again, a path that offers space for prayer, reflection, meditation, release. We’ll learn about labyrinths as a spiritual resource and explore their patterns through reading, music, images and silence. We’ll experience labyrinths indoors and outdoors, including a labyrinth we’ll create ourselves in the garden – a pattern to take home.

    Honouring My Lineage

    We invite participants into a gentle space of enquiry as to how we relate to our lineage – our mothers and fathers but perhaps also other lineages that shape who we are. The tone of the gathering will be contemplative. There will be the invitation to tap into the wisdom of the body and include creativity if you would like to. It is certainly not a requirement that you have a sense of connection to your ancestors!

    Losing Sight of the Shore

    This course is for all those who wish to use the visual arts (experimental drawing, mixed media and sculpture) as tools for exploration and self-discovery. We will provide a safe, nurturing space for you to reflect upon where you are on your journey. Using the metaphor of small boats representing our fragile lives on wide open seas, we will dare to ‘lose sight of the shore’ and see where the flow takes us.

    The Buddha and his Aunt: Real Women and Female Symbols

    Our course will begin with a brief introduction to the fundamentals of Buddhist thought. We will look at the way women were accepted in the monastic community and read some of their testimonies to their Enlightenment. We will see how in later Buddhism, with the development of a rich mythology, female figures asserted the equal fruits of female spirituality and the ultimate unimportance of gender. Periods of meditation will accompany our time together.

    Dancing with Words: Life Writing Inspired by Movement

    The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word. Mata Hari
    Using simple forms of movement, we will explore our stories and set off on our creative writing journeys. Nurturing and deepening our experience through awareness exercises and walking meditations through the beautiful gardens of Woodbrooke, we will begin to write our stories and poems. No previous experience necessary.
    Feedback from previous courses: ‘Sustaining empathy and understanding’. ‘Steady, unhurried pace..’

    Silence in Circles: Meditating to Create Mandalas

    Across cultures and ages, the ‘sacred circle’ can open a window into our human dreams and aspirations. Jung adopted the term ‘mandalas’ from his work on the collective unconscious. In exploring our own circles, no art skills or meditation experience are required. Various examples, different templates and open-ended options for mandalas will enable all to participate. We will all explore the colours, shapes and silence of the circles we choose or create.

    How to Teach and Lead Meditation and Mindfulness

    Enjoy a practical and reflective oasis in which you deepen your own meditation practice and learn the core concepts and strategies for teaching and leading meditation. Includes: • Contemplative preparation • Physical and mental health benefits • Different traditions - Vippasana, Zen, Christian, TM, Raja and Agni Yoga, guided visualizations, mantras, inner dialogue, healing and prayer. • Core skills of embodiment and compassionate witnessing. • Appropriate language and closure. There will also be time for the practical preparation of sessions you might lead.

    A Pre-Christmas Retreat: Woodbrooke and the Community of Interbeing

    As Christmas draws very near, this joint retreat provides a wonderful opportunity to open the senses and purify the heart and mind. For many years, Woodbrooke has hosted retreats and weekends which have focused on the Zen teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh. On this weekend we bring Zen and Quaker traditions together. Come and enjoy mindfulness practice and Quaker silent worship, vegetarian food from Woodbrooke’s kitchen and Buddhist and Quaker teaching on joy and peace.

    Dances of Universal Peace: Dancing Into the New Year with Faith and Joy

    “Come into your heart”, holding hands, honouring various religions / spiritual traditions, moving and chanting in a circle. Simple words and simple movements are taught, attuning to love, harmony and beauty: dancing inter-faith. A joyful and powerful experience of oneness, freeing the voice. We move, breathe and sing together, holding hands - like one organism, like a cell in the body, remembering being part of something much bigger than the small self. No singing or dancing experience is required.