Experience of the Spirit

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    Seeking Sanctuary and Stillness

    A time set aside to enjoy spaciousness and quiet in your own home and join with others on-line to share a sense of connection. Different spiritual practices will be offered on each of the days, to help you to focus, and to settle into a place of deep peace and openness to all that is; the flowing vastness of presence. We will join together for silent worship and reflection during the day.
    We encourage people of all faiths and non to participate
    These days will be ‘live’ for part of the day (Timings will be GMT+1) with time for you to create your own space for stillness and quiet during the rest of the day
    There will be an opportunity for asking questions and sharing reflections during the day
    You may join us for any combination of between one and four of the days.
    Participants have the option to join in with all four day retreats running throughout 2018 at a total cost of £55.

    Living the Heart of Christianity

    This is a 6-week online retreat with inspiration from Marcus J. Borg's The Heart of Christianity. How can we live passionately today by practicing timeless elements of Christian faith? It is an opportunity to reflect on and incorporate into daily life themes of the heart: faith, practise, opening, rebirth and justice. It can speak to those who struggle to identify with the Christian tradition as well as to those approaching the tradition 'again for the first time'.
    This course can be completed in your own time, although we recommend setting aside 2-3 hours a week.
    Each week there will be written materials for you to engage with, and forums for you to share reflections.

    A Taste of Life Writing for Transformation™

    This self-paced course introduces a process of writing for authentic, creative self-expression and personal development. A “no red pens” approach results in greater awareness, mindfulness and self-acceptance through a gentle stream of guided tools you can use just five minutes at a time.
    The course includes three multimedia modules and a workbook, based on the work of Joanne Klassen, creator of Life Writing for Transformation™. Each module introduces key concepts from the book followed by exercises, examples, a review and additional optional learning activities.
    This course can be completed in your own time, although we recommend setting aside 2-3 hours a week.
    Each week there will be video, audio and written materials for you to engage with.
    This course is intended for anyone who has planned to write about their life, spiritual journey, or unique experiences. This course will provide the guidance to begin.
    This is the first time that *Life Writing for Transformation* TM has been made available as an online course. It is an ideal introduction or refresher course.

    Spiritual Practices for Every Day

    How do you make space in your day to be spiritually present? What spiritual practices resonate with you? This course is an opportunity to explore what we mean by ‘spiritual practice’ and why it is important. You will be offered a variety of spiritual practices to work with, in your own time. We will all share our experiences together as an online community using forums. The course will include a live Quiet Day on Saturday 27th October 2018 (10:00 – 16:00 GMT), that you can take part in wherever you are.
    This course can be completed in your own time. We encourage you to spend a short time each day engaging with a spiritual practice.
    There will be video, audio and written materials for you to engage with, and forums for you to share reflections and ask questions.
    The spiritual practices will be drawn mainly from the Christian tradition and offered in a way that makes the course open to all.

    Exploring Quaker Spirituality

    In this series of six *purely online* webinars running from 7.00pm to 8.30pm every Thursday evening from 8 November to 13 December, we will explore what Quaker spirituality is all about and how it speaks to us today.
    This webinar series will introduce you to central elements of Quaker spirituality, including: silence, worship and vocal ministry; experiencing all of life as sacred; the inward teacher; the contemplative and the prophetic; queries and uncertainty; discipline, discernment and leadings. All the webinars will be recorded and can be viewed later.
    Only basic computer skills are needed for this course, together with access to e-mail and the internet. The course takes place in Woodbrooke's online learning website, for which easy registration details will be provided. Full guidance will be given on how to access the course's material, and help is available if you get stuck at any point.
    This online course is based on six live ninety-minute webinars.
    Each webinar is recorded so you can follow the course using the recordings if you wish.
    Downloadable resources and a discussion forum will be available to help you explore the webinar material further.
    We recommend that you set aside about 2-3 hours per week to follow this course.
    The course will not assume any prior knowledge, although some awareness of Quakerism and its history would be an advantage.

    The Art of Natural Prayer

    Prayer is the natural heritage of everyone, including  people of spirit with no fixed or Christian faith.  We will explore prayer through silence, song, walking in nature, meditation and mediation, working with the regenerative sacred source of the universe. By taking responsibility for our spiritual practice, we become fully human by our service to natural prayer, enabling us to be a blessing to others. Anyone with hospitality of soul, or who is seeking doorways to personal spiritual practice, is welcome.

    Time in a safe haven: a retreat for spiritual directors

    This retreat is designed for all those who are actively involved in providing spiritual direction and/or accompaniment on a one to one basis. We aim to connect with the spirit as well as with each other through practices that engage head, heart and hands. There will be plentiful opportunity for networking, individual quiet time, and spiritual refreshment in Woodbrooke's beautiful grounds.

    Quaker Mysticism: Exploring The Heart of Quaker Spirituality With Rufus Jones & Thomas Kelly

    What is mysticism?  How do mystical experiences differ from other sorts of encounters with God?  What is the relationship between mysticism and Quaker faith and practice? Those are three of the questions that participants and tutors on this course will consider together.  As we reflect on those questions, we’ll pay special attention to the life and work of two authors—Rufus Jones (1863-1948) and Thomas Kelly (1893-1941)—who produced classic explorations of Quaker mysticism that can still speak to us today.

    Seeds of Silence – the ground of our being: An Appleseed retreat

    Julian of Norwich described God as the ground of our being, a place where our seeds of silence can grow and spread. This is a silent retreat with input on the theme at the beginning of each day, plus options of lectio divina, worship sharing and one-to-one sessions with a tutor. We shall hold silence at meals, when working, and overnight so participants will need to have enough experience of Appleseed to be able to work independently.

    A Chanting Retreat for Women: A pathway to the silence within

    From time immemorial, people have sung and chanted together to lift spirits, to heal suffering, to unify souls, and to come closer to God. In our time together, we will learn and sing chants, simple songs and rounds, including ones composed from the writings of early Friends, interspersed with times of silent meditation, reflective journaling and sharing. Participants are encouraged to bring a favourite quotation or scripture passage to set to song during our time together. *This course is for women only*

    Be Comforted – handknitted prayer shawls for consolation and courage

    Hand knitted shawls are enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity. Worked with love and compassion, in luxurious yarns, using stitches of delicate lace or bold cables, shawls say 'be comforted' at a time when courage is most needed against life's pitfalls. The programme will cover basic shawl shapes, circular, triangular, and oblong. Techniques will include lace, Portuguese knitting, and demonstrate how knitting and meditation work together. Participants must be confident knitters. The course is fast paced and is not suitable for beginners.

    Making Mosaics

    During this course you will learn essential mosaic skills and have the opportunity to translate your ideas into something to take home. No previous mosaic experience is necessary. All equipment and a generous abundance of materials will be provided. Please bring with you any ideas or sketches that you would like to use, and tiles or crockery that may have some special meaning to you. You may wish to bring an object to mosaic...it's entirely up to you.

    Living Awake to the Spirit: Practices to Nurture the Soul

    What does it mean to live awake to the Spirit? To nurture this openness throughout the day? Join us as we explore these questions and discover practices for opening to the Spirit within our unique lives. All spiritual traditions offer such practices; they are prayer-full practices. We will consider what hinders our living more fully open to the Spirit, and we’ll look at spiritual awakening in dark times. We will include individual reflection time and group learning and sharing.

    Creating with Clay

    This pottery workshop is suitable for both beginner and experienced learners. On Friday and Saturday, you will be guided to create objects with clay using hand-building techniques and a potters’ wheel. On Sunday, you will experience the decoration and firing of "Raku": an ancient firing method originating from Japan and inspired by Zen practices which celebrate unique acts of the ‘here and now’; of process over outcome; natural forms; and the ‘imperfect’. All materials are included. Please wear appropriate clothing.

    Listening and Gathering: Holding Space for Spirit

    Do you hold space for others? Or feel drawn to try? Perhaps you’re someone who listens and accompanies; gathers and grows community; or facilitates conflict resolution. This course invites you to explore the personal aspects and spiritual source of such practice. Join us to welcome a spaciousness that holds and nourishes connection with spirit, ourselves and each other. We will learn by being and doing - come prepared to practice, reflect and share.

    Ancient Paths: A retreat with the labyrinth

    Time to be; time to rest; time to walk the labyrinth, to find ‘a different way of knowing.’ Unlike mazes, labyrinths have just one path to the centre and back again, a path that offers space for prayer, reflection, meditation, release. We’ll learn about labyrinths as a spiritual resource and explore their patterns through reading, music, images and silence. We’ll experience labyrinths indoors and outdoors, including a labyrinth we’ll create ourselves in the garden – a pattern to take home.