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    God in Jewish tradition

    What images of God can one find in Jewish tradition: in the Bible, in Jewish liturgy, in the prophetic literature, in Jewish poetry, in the mystical tradition? During this weekend participants will have an opportunity to explore how God is portrayed and ‘imagined’ within Jewish texts spanning more than 2500 years. And through discussion and personal reflection we will consider how such images of divinity resonate with participants’ own spiritual journeys.

    Mindfully Together

    For 13 years, Woodbrooke has hosted retreats drawing on the Zen Buddhist teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh. We will welcome back Sister Annabel Laity supported by members of the Community of Interbeing. Discover how mindfulness of the present moment can bring peace and happiness. While the practice is accessible and guidance will be offered to those with little or no experience, it is not without demand.  You will enjoy times of silence, walking meditation in Woodbrooke’s beautiful grounds and specially prepared vegetarian food.