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    Voices of the Earth

    Creative partners Zélie and Philip Gross, the award-winning poet, lead this popular annual course for people with any level of experience in writing or visual media, or none. Now online, the course brings the same ethos and hands-on approach to writing poetry and/or making art underpinned by a sense of our place among life on Earth. Through differently engaging individual or collaborative activities, more abundant resources and ample support in each medium, we will experiment with the rich possibilities of this virtual setting in making creative sense of strange and changing times.

    The clearly designed course pages guide you through engagement with this year’s course theme, The Near Distance, offering a variety of approaches and practical techniques for you to work with as you choose. Forums provide spaces for conversations, sharing work in progress and creative experiment, and there’s a weekly Zoom session plus further opportunities for live one-to-one consultations or small group workshops. Zélie and Philip are on hand throughout to help you open up the creative possibilities within the course and in the world around us. Activities involving visual responses can be done in any medium you choose or have readily available; you will need to have access to some means of taking photographs that can be uploaded on the course site.

    If you have questions about this out-of-the-ordinary course, please contact Woodbrooke and the tutors will be pleased to respond.

    Bringing Quaker and Buddhist Practice Together: a joint online retreat with Woodbrooke and Plum Village UK

    Many Quakers today are drawn to the clarity of guidance on mindfulness in the Buddhist tradition. Buddhists are often interested in the distinctive combination of Quaker silence and social action. These complementary interests have been nurtured by the regular retreats at Woodbrooke over the past twenty years. In this online retreat we will continue this exploration, with opportunities throughout the weekend to join together for mindful sitting and walking meditation, meeting for worship, talks, sharing groups and deep relaxation. For those who have been on Mindfully Together retreats or Being Peace weekends, this will be a valuable chance to reconnect, and for rest and renewal.  For those who are new to Buddhism or Quakerism, explanations and support will be given. The programme will include an option to join with others online for an early morning period of sitting meditation each day.