Nurturing Friends and Meetings

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    A Friendly Introduction to Membership

    What is Quaker membership? How do I apply and what will happen? The weekend gives an opportunity to explore the meaning of membership and belonging, and to share with others at a similar stage in their journey with Quakers. We will look at the history of Quaker membership, the practical aspects of applying for membership, and at the rewards and responsibilities belonging to a faith community brings.

    Exploring Oversight

    This course will help those with responsibility for Oversight in Quaker meetings gain a better understanding of the role and the confidence to do it. What does the role involve? What is expected? What is the spiritual basis of oversight? How can overseers respond to and meet the pastoral needs of the meeting? We will look at the range of tasks, share good practice and explore ways of handling difficult issues as well as looking at practical ideas and useful resources.
    This course focuses on oversight in Britain Yearly Meeting but may also be of interest to Friends from other Yearly Meetings.

    Exploring Eldership

    This course will help those with responsibility for Eldership in Quaker meetings gain a better understanding of the role and the confidence to do it. What does the role involve? What is the spiritual basis of eldership? How can elders respond to and nurture the spiritual life of the meeting? Participants will have the opportunity to explore the role and share experiences with others as well as looking at practical ideas and resources that will be of help.
    This course focuses on eldership in Britain Yearly Meeting but may also be of interest to Friends from other Yearly Meetings.

    Open to Wonder: our living response to ‘The Human One’

    A contemporary translation of the gospel phrase ‘Son of Man’ is ‘The Human One’. Drawing on the stories told in the gospels and on the personal experience of those gathered, using creative and imaginative responses, we will seek to deepen spiritual life and inspire more faithful discipleship. This course presumes no previous knowledge, requiring only an open heart and mind and a willingness to engage at depth with the healing presence of that eternal Spirit which permeates the gospels.

    Navigating Life’s Changes

    We may encounter challenging experiences such as: the death of someone close; a long term illness or disabling condition; becoming a carer; ending of a close relationship; changes in our or others gender or sexuality; conflict. These are only examples of experiences that may happen in a course of a life time. This course is an opportunity to share these experiences with others, explore  new perspectives and seek spiritual insights and growth.

    A Friendly Introduction to Discernment

    When Friends say they are ‘led’ to do things, or they are ‘seeking God’s guidance’ in a decision, just what do they mean?  How do Friends make well-grounded personal and group decisions?  This course will introduce you to different tools used for personal and corporate discernment, and will explore the interplay between individual and community in the Quaker process of testing leadings.  We will apply some practices to real issues in order to gain familiarity with them.

    Mental Health in our Meetings

    Meetings need good ways of responding to Friends experiencing mental illness or distress. This course explores the experience of mental ill health, situations which arise and ways to respond. How can we maintain an open and supportive meeting environment? How do we handle our fears and balance the needs of the individual and the wider meeting? This course is helpful for those in eldership and oversight roles. We welcome people with direct experience of mental illness, but cannot help with current distress.

    Being a Quaker Trustee

    Particularly suitable for new/less experienced Area Meeting trustees; it may also be of interest to anyone wanting a refresher. We will be factual and practical. What does the law require? What is considered good practice for charities? How does this fit with Quaker good practice? How do trustees, area and local meetings relate to each other? How can trustees best serve our meetings? We aim to provide easy-to-understand information and enjoyable learning, to make trusteeship approachable and rewarding.

    Introduction to Experiment with Light

    Quaker faith and practice are based on the authority of experience. “This I knew experimentally” said George Fox. The course is an opportunity to experience a meditation practice drawn from the writings of early Friends. It can be searching and powerful. We will reflect on the significance of the Light for our lives today, and how we might be helped to access it, including in supportive Light groups. This course aims to deepen the spiritual lives of participants.

    Exploring Nominations

    An event for members of Quaker nominations committees. How can we root ourselves in good practices of discernment whilst responding to the particular issues that face us? Nominations are at the quiet heart of the way we live together as Friends, when we listen faithfully to the Spirit. We will include the practical aspects of being 'on nominations'. Friends can expect a renewed insight into the potential of nominations to strengthen meetings and enabling them to flourish.