Nurturing our Quaker Community

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    Meeting for Worship for Dance (25 June)

    In the spirit of adventure and exploration we are offering a chance to embody our responses to what is going on for us at the moment. Live music from Robin Bowles will support and respond to the movement. We will start with a time to warm up our muscles and get our bodies moving, there will be a chance to connect with others and there will be time for worshipful dance.

    Being a Quaker Community of Witness and Welcome

    Quakers have a treasure to share with the world – the liberating power of following the promptings of love and truth in our hearts. How do we make this treasure known to those who have never heard of Friends? How do we welcome people who seek this treasure when they arrive at our meeting house doors?

    This course aims to reframe talk of ‘outreach’. We will not ask how we can get more ‘bums on seats’, find more people for the flower rota, or how to host a once-a-year outreach event. Instead we will ask how our Quaker communities can confidently witness to the power of the Quaker discovery, and warmly welcome those who seek it, all year round. How can we make witness and welcome a communal way of life?

    This course will offer thought-provoking discussion, practical suggestions and is a collaboration between Quaker Life and Woodbrooke.

    The Quaker Way

    Are you relatively new to Quakers and keen to find out more? Have you been attending meeting for a while, but feel you could be better informed about Quaker beliefs and practices? Are you a life-long Friend who needs their Quaker knowledge refreshed? This course sets out the Quaker ‘basics’. It will give you an understanding of the history and international reach of Quakerism, and the importance of spiritual experience to the Quaker Way. We will discuss what happens in a Meeting for Worship and how Quakers make decisions and organise themselves. We will explore what Quakers mean by ‘testimony’ and explain simple spiritual practices for you to experiment with.

    This course will give you a solid foundation in continuing your journey on the Quaker way.

    Each week there will be video, audio and written materials to engage with, and forums to share reflections and ask questions.

    There will be the opportunity for live online discussion (19.00-20.00 GMT) on Tuesday 10th November and Tuesday 8th December. If you can’t join this discussion live, it will be recorded for you to watch at your convenience. This course involves a time commitment of approximately two to three hours per week.