Nurturing our Quaker Community

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    Travelling in the ministry: strengthening our gifts

    An early practice within the Quaker tradition was travelling in the ministry, Friends sharing their concerns and encouragement for members of the Religious Society of Friends. We will build on this rich tradition by exploring the behaviours and patterns Quaker women and men traveling in ministry found beneficial. This workshop is intended for those who are acting as “minister” or have a desire to do so or learn about Travelling. We will discuss practical approaches to traveling in Ministry.

    Confronting mortality and grief

    In accepting the fact of death, we are freed to live more fully. This retreat will give you space to reflect individually and with other Friends on the end of life – your own death, preparing for death, or the experience of grief. This event is hosted by Quaker Life’s end of life cluster. This event is grounded in Quaker worship and does not offer therapy.

    Exploring Faith and Practice together

    Whether experienced or new to Quakerism, this course will give you the opportunity to share with Friends from other Meetings your insights and responses to the first and the final five challenging chapters of Quaker Faith & Practice. Two optional sessions will be devoted to creative work in words or images that may be used to support our exploration of the text.

    Exploring Sensory-being

    Sensory-being is a form of mindfulness designed for people with cognitive disabilities but accessible to all, in which an engagement with the present moment is encouraged through a calming sensory activity. On this course you will learn about the theory behind sensory-being, exploring and creating sensory-being activities for people you care for and for yourself. The course is relevant to those interested in creating more inclusive communities, as sensory-being allows more able and less able people to take part in an activity as equals.

    Experimental Worship

    How many ways are there of doing Quaker worship? This course will ask how we can enrich and expand our worship in ways that are in keeping with the Quaker tradition. We will take risks with song, images and words, finding new ways to hear the voice of the Spirit in our midst. Participants will receive an electronic copy of Terry’s book Consider The Rock which will serve as a starting point for our reflections.

    ‘Take time’: retreat for mental health carers

    'Take Time’ is a weekend for people who care for someone who needs care because of their mental health problems. Supporting someone can be life changing, revelatory – and exhausting and isolating. Look after your needs to enhance your caring. Come and meet Friends, enjoy quiet, share in optional activities, hear about rights and resources. The Retreat Benevolent Fund could give grants to those who cannot afford whatever respite care is needed by the person they support. Apply at:

    Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies (QFAS) and the Friends Fellowship of Healing (FFH) Conference

    This joint conference of the Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies (QFAS) and the Friends Fellowship of Healing (FFH) is open to all. For nearly twenty years QFAS has gathered and shared evidence of experiences beyond the body, which goes to the very heart of what it means to be human. FFH was founded in 1935 and is one of the largest interest groups within the Religious Society of Friends in Britain. The conference will explore spiritual and psychic experiences and evidence of healing of the mind and body. We will discuss how we can integrate these experiences into our daily lives, helping us to grow stronger in faith and love.

    Leadership Amongst Friends

    How does leadership work in our non-hierarchical Society of Friends, and what does it mean to take a lead when working in relationship with others? This course is for anyone interested in questions of leading and following in a Quaker context. We will explore through discussion, refection and experiential activity the 'leaderful behaviour' that enables our meetings and structures to fulfil their spiritual purpose, including the connections between leadership and service, issues of authority and power, and being a leader in our own lives.

    Being a Quaker Parent (adults) and Exploring Worship (5-11 year olds)

    Woodbrooke working in partnership with Quaker Life

    Being a Quaker Parent

    This is an opportunity for parents and carers to explore together some of the joys and challenges of being part of a Quaker meeting. We will share our experiences and reflect together on what being a Quaker and parent means to us and consider how we and our meetings can nourish and support each other.

    Accompanying children aged 5 to 11 will attend 'Exploring Worship' which runs simultaneously. A crèche will be available for children under 5, and a light-touch programme for 12 to 15 year olds.

    Tutors: Alistair Fuller and Kathy Chandler. The 0-5s and 12-15s programmes will be run by Quaker Life Children & Young People’s work volunteers.

    Exploring Worship

    This event is for children aged 5 to 11 years-old. This weekend will explore and think about some big questions: What is God? Where is God? What is worship? What is a Quaker?

    We will spend time inside and outside, hearing stories and music, playing games, being still, getting creative with arts and crafts, and making worship places for ourselves.

    Children must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them outside of programme time. Accompanying adults may attend ‘Being a Quaker Parent’ which runs simultaneously.

    Tutors: Mel Cook and Quaker Life Children & Young People’s work volunteers.

    Important information about your accommodation

    Woodbrooke has a limited number of double, twin and family rooms. The majority of our accommodation is in single ensuite bedrooms. We also have some additional single rooms with shared bathrooms.

    • Children under 5 years of age will always be allocated a room with their parent or carer. This may not be a in a bed of their own – in some cases this will mean using a travel cot, or a blow-up mattress that can be placed on the floor.
    • Unless specifically requested, children aged 5-11 years of age will be allocated a room with their parent or carer – this may be in a single room with a blow-up mattress on the floor.  If a separate room is requested, we will allocate rooms adjacent – or very close - to each other.
    • We will assume that all young people aged 12-15 will require their own private room unless specifically requested otherwise.

    We will do our best to accommodate you in the most appropriate room. However, the nature of our accommodation does mean that we may need you to be flexible to ensure that as many Friends as possible can participate in this weekend. We will always agree your accommodation with you before finalising your booking.

    How to book

    This weekend includes your accommodation; all meals from supper on the Friday evening through to lunch on Sunday; and participation in one of the above programmes. The costs are as follows:

    • £135 for each adult
    • £35 for each child aged 5-11
    • Price to be confirmed for each young person aged 12-15

    To make a booking, please click here and then click 'How to Book'.

    Once you have submitted the relevant booking forms. our team will check that we have appropriate accommodation available and confirm your bookings with you along with a request for payment.

    All are welcome

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