Quaker and Christian Traditions

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    Woodbrooke and the Community of Interbeing: a joint event

    For many years, Woodbrooke has hosted retreats and weekends which have focused on the Zen teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh. On this weekend we will follow a programme where Zen and Quaker practice are deliberately brought together in a balanced way so that we can see what we can learn from each other. There will be time for silent meditation and worship together but also an opportunity to learn more about how we make decisions and act in the world.

    Our Life is Love: the Quaker spiritual journey

    The spiritual journey experienced by Friends transforms those who undertake it and the world around them. We’ll explore elements of that journey, as experienced by early Friends and Quakers in our time. We’ll also support one another in our next steps in faithfulness. Our time will include video presentations and live conversations with Marcelle, discussion of brief passages by early Friends, worship, storytelling, personal sharing, and listening for God's call to us now. The weekend will be co-facilitated by Alex Wildwood.

    Being a Quaker Clerk

    This course is for new or prospective clerks with little or no experience of Quaker clerking. We will focus on clerking local meetings but clerks of other meetings or committees will also find they can learn much about their role. There will be practical sessions including planning agendas, drafting minutes and discipline in the meeting.  We will also consider other responsibilities that come with being a clerk. Participants will learn from each other as well as from the leaders.

    Engaging with Richard Rohr on Contemplation and Action

    We will work, often in worship sharing, with text and video from “Everything Belongs-the Gift of Contemplative Prayer”, “The Divine Dance-the Trinity and your Transformation” and other teachings from Richard. A Franciscan with a commitment to mysticism, simplicity, the environment and social justice, Richard Rohr reads widely and presents latest thinking so that it begins to be accessible to less brilliant minds. His international teaching ministry reaches out over the internet from his Center in the borderlands of New Mexico.

    A Friendly Introduction to Discernment

    When Friends say they are ‘led’ to do things, or they are ‘seeking God’s guidance’ in a decision, just what do they mean?  How do Friends make well-grounded personal and group decisions?  This course will introduce you to different tools used for personal and corporate discernment, and will explore the interplay between individual and community in the Quaker process of testing leadings.  We will apply some practices to real issues in order to gain familiarity with them.

    Mark: good news for dark times

    Persecution, political instability, rebellion, siege, destruction and death. As the world of the first Christians fell apart, the first generation of apostles died, and the expected Kingdom did not materialise, Mark retold the stories of Jesus to show how hope came only through the cross. Beginning with the often-neglected chapter 13, we shall look at how Mark brings good news into his own times for those who have eyes to see, and we shall consider how it is good news for our own dark times.

    Stepping into the Parables: creative approaches to the teaching of Jesus

    This course offers opportunities to explore the Parables that Jesus used to get people thinking and stepping further along in their personal and corporate spiritual and religious journeys. The facilitators will use a mixture of the Godly Play and conventional storytelling approaches to open out the parables. The course will offer a variety of ways to engage the senses, the imagination, reflection, wondering and thought. In a changing and threatened world how can Parables help us?

    The Mother of Quakerism: The Life and Writings of Margaret Fell

    In this series of six *purely online* webinars run from 7.00pm to 8.30pm every Tuesday evening from 6 March to 10 April we will explore the life and writings of the Mother of Quakerism, Margaret Fell. Particular attention will be given to her contribution to the development of the early Quaker movement as a theologian, practical organiser, spiritual counsellor, political lobbyist, and advocate for women. In addition we will consider her letters to the Jewish communities in Amsterdam as an early example of Quaker interfaith engagement. All the webinars will be recorded and can be viewed later. Only basic computer skills are needed for this course, together with access to e-mail and the internet. The course takes place in Woodbrooke's online learning website, for which easy registration details will be provided. Full guidance will be given on how to access the course's material, and help is available if you get stuck at any point.

    The Apocalyptic Tradition

    The apocalyptic: revelatory and mysterious, fantastical and political, countercultural and confusing, sensual and disturbing, future and now. This is a tradition that fascinates, encourages and terrifies. Together we will engage with Jewish and Christian apocalyptic texts, including the books of Daniel and Revelation. We will also examine the apocalyptic writings of the first Quakers, and consider what an apocalyptic spirituality might look like today.

    The Changing Face of Faith in Britain, how should Quakers Respond?

    The Changing Face of Faith in Britain, how should Quakers Respond?
    A challenge for Friends is the growth of 'secular society' and changes to traditional religious expression.  Becoming aware of this and sensing possible opportunities, the Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations commissioned research into the impact the changing face of faith expression is having on Quakers and if there are new groups and individuals that Quakers could work with. This conference will provide an opportunity to consider the results of this project and where this might lead us.

    This conference is open to individual Friends and attenders, although priority will be given to those nominated by their Area Meetings.

    Bookings will be opened for individual Friends after 31 January 2018. If you are not representing your Area Meeting please ask to be put on the waiting list and you will be contacted when bookings are open.