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    Bringing Quaker and Buddhist Practice Together: a joint online retreat with Woodbrooke and Plum Village UK

    Many Quakers today are drawn to the clarity of guidance on mindfulness in the Buddhist tradition. Buddhists are often interested in the distinctive combination of Quaker silence and social action. These complementary interests have been nurtured by the regular retreats at Woodbrooke over the past twenty years. In this online retreat we will continue this exploration, with opportunities throughout the weekend to join together for mindful sitting and walking meditation, meeting for worship, talks, sharing groups and deep relaxation. For those who have been on Mindfully Together retreats or Being Peace weekends, this will be a valuable chance to reconnect, and for rest and renewal.  For those who are new to Buddhism or Quakerism, explanations and support will be given. The programme will include an option to join with others online for an early morning period of sitting meditation each day.

    European Quaker Voices

    This is a 6-week online retreat for European Quakers, using devotional and inspirational material by European Quakers. In addition to readings, there will be suggestions for activities and exercises appropriate to a retreat. Participants will share reflections and experiences with each other along the way. The retreat is thus an opportunity for individual and group spiritual development, as well as an opportunity to learn from the rich experience of European Friends.

    This course involves live discussion sessions, written and visual material and a private discussion forum. The expected time commitment is approximately two to three hours per week.

    Live sessions will take place at 17:00-18-00 (UK time) on Wednesdays September 16th and 30th and October 14th. The sessions will be recorded for participants who are unable to attend at these times.