Spirituality and Personal Growth

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    A Friendly Introduction to Membership

    What is Quaker membership? How do I apply and what will happen? The weekend gives an opportunity to explore the meaning of membership and belonging, and to share with others at a similar stage in their journey with Quakers. We will look at the history of Quaker membership, the practical aspects of applying for membership, and at the rewards and responsibilities belonging to a faith community brings.

    Walking with a Smile into the Dark

    "But there is a deeper, an internal simplification of the whole of one's personality, stilled, tranquil, in childlike trust listening ever to Eternity's whisper, walking with a smile into the dark." Thomas Kelly
    Accepting that there is much that we do not know and cannot control frees us to walk the path of faith. We will use this weekend to explore alone and together how we can let go of what blocks us and be more open to the guidance of the Spirit.

    Clearing the Way

    The New Year is a good time to reflect on who we are, what we feel called to do, and what gets in the way. We will explore the nature of the clutter that distracts from our life’s purpose and consider how to create space in our minds and hearts as well as in our living rooms.

    Open to Wonder: our living response to ‘The Human One’

    A contemporary translation of the gospel phrase ‘Son of Man’ is ‘The Human One’. Drawing on the stories told in the gospels and on the personal experience of those gathered, using creative and imaginative responses, we will seek to deepen spiritual life and inspire more faithful discipleship. This course presumes no previous knowledge, requiring only an open heart and mind and a willingness to engage at depth with the healing presence of that eternal Spirit which permeates the gospels.

    Navigating Life’s Changes

    We may encounter challenging experiences such as: the death of someone close; a long term illness or disabling condition; becoming a carer; ending of a close relationship; changes in our or others gender or sexuality; conflict. These are only examples of experiences that may happen in a course of a life time. This course is an opportunity to share these experiences with others, explore  new perspectives and seek spiritual insights and growth.

    Time Set Aside

    For this retreat, twelve people will join Timothy Ashworth and Frances Henley Lock in a silent retreat which will utilise spaces set apart from the busyness of the main Woodbrooke building. Meals will be shared in silence in our own quiet space. Participants will be able to use the Art Room and join Meeting for Worship and Epilogue. Each day will include one short talk and one-to-one time with Tim or Frances.

    Reality and Radiance: a retreat with inspiration from Swedish Quaker Emilia Fogelklou

    Emilia Fogelklou (1878-1972) was a Swedish Quaker, mystic, author, teacher of religion, peace builder during two world wars, and the first woman in Sweden to receive a degree in theology (1909). Her message remains fresh, inspirational and challenging. This 6-week retreat will be an opportunity to reflect on brief passages of her writing and their meaning for your faith and life. It is a personal retreat that offers reflective interaction with other participants and the retreat leader.

    Introduction to Experiment with Light

    Quaker faith and practice are based on the authority of experience. “This I knew experimentally” said George Fox. The course is an opportunity to experience a meditation practice drawn from the writings of early Friends. It can be searching and powerful. We will reflect on the significance of the Light for our lives today, and how we might be helped to access it, including in supportive Light groups. This course aims to deepen the spiritual lives of participants.

    Icon Painting as a Spiritual Practice: from traditional to contemporary icon

    As an icon painter I never stop looking for a language that expresses the experience of the soul. For me, this is the most honest way of communicating my spiritual experience. This time at Woodbrooke I would like to invite participants to explore Icon painting as a form of spiritual journey to enable them to find quietness and stillness, and forget about what they left at home.

    Metaphysical Poets

    By turns passionate and playful, earthy and intelligent. The metaphysical poets used the imagery of the everyday to explore ideas of love, death and faith. Writing in the age of empire and exploration, they offered their readers a new way of seeing the world, breaking the conventions of Elizabethan poetry with a freshness and immediacy rarely equalled in English literature. This course will explore the work of John Donne, Andrew Marvell and George Herbert.