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    Pure Motions: the spiritual journeys of John Woolman

    This one day workshop is being held at Friargate Quaker Meeting House, York.

    The spiritual life of John Woolman was inseparable from his travelling ministry. As he went, he felt the movement of the spirit, challenged injustice, and shared his understanding of God’s love. During this day event held at York’s Friargate Meeting House, we’ll examine his life and works and consider how his travels gave him new opportunities to encounter God and proclaim the Kingdom. Together we’ll reflect on how our own journeys might become a spiritual discipline, both renewing and prophetic. You can also join us on Sunday for an early-morning Prayer Walk before Meeting for Worship at 10.30am.

    Information about Friargate Quaker Meeting House (YO1 9RL) can be found at www.yorkquakers.org.uk/friargatehome.html.

    Protest Songs

     This one day workshop is being held at Watford Quaker Meeting House from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

    Singing can bring joy and lift up our hearts. This one day workshop is for anyone who wishes to learn songs that sing out against injustice and to sing words of hope for a changed world. Come and spend a day learning songs of protest in the company of other singers, passionate for a just and compassionate society.

    Please bring a packed lunch, drinks will be provided.

    Workshop leaders:

    Maud Grainger is Woodbrooke's Faith in Action Tutor. She is interested in how we live our witness in the world and community activism.

    Mark Russ is Woodbrooke’s Nurturing Friends and Meetings Tutor. His interests include Christian theology and the Bible, music and worship, intentional community and apocalyptic

    Information about Watford Quaker Meeting House (WD17 4QB) can be found at: www.watfordquakers.org.uk.

    Steps towards a Low Carbon Meeting House

    This one day workshop is being held at Friends' Meeting House Manchester from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

    Woodbrooke and Quakers in Britain working in partnership Join Huw Davies, Property Support Manager for Quakers in Britain and Maud Grainger from Woodbrooke as we take you through the changes we can make to our buildings as we continue to take steps towards a low carbon future. The day will include practical tips from simple actions through to the more radical and longer term options. This day is open to all, you do not need to have any experience in the running of your Meeting House. Come and equip yourselves and play your part in the corporate commitment of Quakers to become a low carbon community.

    This workship is being led by Huw Davies and Maud Grainger. Huw is project manager for the Quakers in Britain property support project; he has a life time interest in practical application of sustainability to everyday life. Maud is Woodbrooke's Faith in Action Tutor; she is interested in how we live our witness in the world and community activism.

    Information about Friends' Meeting House Manchester (M2 5NS) can be found at: www.meetinghousemanchester.co.uk.