Ecological Homecoming: nature-connection retreat to support our climate witness

19-21 April 2024
The retreat will begin at 16:00 on Friday and end with lunch on Sunday

Glenthorne Guest House and Conference Centre


Woodbrooke and Glenthorne working in partnership.

Exploring deep nature-connection in tranquil surroundings, we will re-connect to our deepest motivations and our life-affirming inter-relationship with all creation. Offering support and nourishment for anyone wishing to expand their climate witness.

A gentle, restorative retreat in the tranquil setting of Glenthorne in which we will deepen our connection with all of creation and our place within it.

A weekend of core routines for deep nature connection based on the 8 Shields model; Cultivating a deeply felt, embodied, living relationship with the natural world and a sense of ecological homecoming.

Core nature-connection practices expand our attentiveness to our surroundings, opening pathways to receive guidance and leadings from the more-than human world. From this place we can feel more supported by the web of life as we step forth into the world and our climate and social justice witness.

Our witness may take many forms and some of us may be more active than others. Perhaps you are not yet active due to feeling stuck or overwhelmed and would like some tools to move through this towards action?

Whatever form your witness takes in the outer world, it’s important to also remember to take some time out for yourself, to refill your cup so that you can continue to serve. This is a space to do just that.

This retreat offers the opportunity to pause and simply BE rather than DO.

Coming into presence and slowing down can be a radical act in our fast-paced world. This especially runs counter to the ‘urgency culture’ within climate and social justice movements, which can often lead to burnout. Regular practice of these core routines, alongside connecting with like-minded friends, can help support and rejuvenate us.

We will go ahead rain or shine and we will spend the majority of our time outdoors, so please bring appropriate footwear and clothing.

This course will involve:


Accessibility info:

Glenthorne offers a wide range of accommodation the majority of which is en-suite; all are simply and comfortably furnished.

Recently added are two rooms, designed to the highest standard for wheel-chair users. All bedrooms are situated at ground or first floor level, some in the main house and others in the adjacent Bankside.

On the booking form, there is a chance for you to let us know about any accessibility or communication adjustments that will enable you to participate more fully in the course. Please be clear about your requirements when booking so that we can ensure you are allocated an appropriate room.

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