Resilient Communities: placemaking to meet the climate crisis

Wednesday 24 April 2024
19:00-20:30 (UK time)

Four young people looking out over a sunset

As we respond, adapt to, and hopefully reverse the impacts of the climate crisis, one thing that can help is to develop a sense of place and community where we are. What if Friends participated in local networks of relationship and support?

Whether we are dealing with climate emergencies or learning how to live in ways that require fewer fossil fuels, building a strong local community can help us survive and even thrive in the coming decades.

What might it look like for individual Friends and our meeting houses to intentionally build a sense of place?

What if our meetinghouses served as locations for community building and mutual aid?

What if we knew our neighbours and had plans to support and care for one another when disasters strike?

What if we built a local economy and helped each other repair, share, and recycle everything for the benefit of our community and without harming other people and species elsewhere?

This session will explore the idea of a sense of place, how placelessness and disconnection contributes to the climate crisis, and offer suggestions and time for discussion regarding what it might look like for Friends to begin participating in communities of belonging and care in the places where they are.

This session is part of a series on ‘Resilient Communities’. Other sessions in this series include:

  • Resilient Communities: why we need radical imagination
  • Resilient Communities: re-localising our food systems
  • Resilient Communities: Quaker permaculture design
  • Resilient Communities: transition towns and our Quaker community

This course will involve:

DiscussionSpeakerZoom Session

Accessibility info:

On the booking form, there is a chance for you to let us know about any accessibility or communication adjustments that will enable you to participate more fully in the course. Automated Zoom closed captions are available for all live sessions but if you feel you require more accurate closed captioning please email us directly in addition to booking.

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