Toolkit for Roleholders: online discernment

Monday 24 June 2024
19:00-21:00 (UK time)

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Are you involved in clerking online or blended Meetings for Worship for Business? You may be new to this responsibility or seeking fresh perspectives. Come and explore ways to uphold Quaker decision-making within a technology context.

For many of us, online Quaker meetings have become a fixed feature of the way our community functions. This brings with it both challenges and opportunities. In this session, we will focus on how clerking responsibilities can be sustained and supported when in a virtual space.

As you may have experienced, clerking an online or blending Meeting for Worship for Business raises new challenges alongside the usual work of clerking. Friends may feel disconnected or distracted. It can be difficult to make sure that everyone feels part of the same meeting, and that all contributions are heard equally. It can also bring benefits, such as wider participation and clearer focus.

In this session, we’ll think about the practical aspects of a clerk’s role before, during and after an online Business meeting. We will talk about what it means to centre down in worship and to uphold the discernment process. We’ll also share tips on connecting spiritually in any space.

The tutors who have held a variety of clerking roles will reflect on experience of the ways in which discernment can be encouraged in blended Meetings for Business and share insights from online meetings for worship and Quaker decision-making processes.

This course will involve:

DiscussionWritten and visualZoom Session

Accessibility info:

On the booking form, there is a chance for you to let us know about any accessibility or communication adjustments that will enable you to participate more fully in the course. Automated Zoom closed captions are available for all live sessions but if you feel you require more accurate closed captioning please email us directly in addition to booking.

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