Eva Koch Scholarship Applications Now Open

For information and to apply for the 2020 Eva Koch Scholarship, please visit the applications page.

Woodbrooke is pleased to announce that the applications for the 2019 Eva Koch Scholarship are now open. Under the scholarship, successful applicants are offered a residential stay at Woodbrooke, as well as use of its library and staff resources. To be eligible, applicants must have an interest in a particular aspect of Quakerism and be willing to disseminate their work to the wider community of Friends. This work does not need to be overly ambitious or too narrowly academic, but rather, preference is given to small-scale and original projects that contribute to the life and self-understanding of the Quaker community.

In 2019 the scholarship will run from Monday 29 July to Friday 23 August. Applications close on Thursday 31 January.

For more information, please visit Woodbrooke’s website or email learning@woodbrooke.org.uk

The Eva Koch Scholarship