Exploring Quaker Spirituality

What is Quaker spirituality all about and how does it speak to us today? What is distinctive about Quaker faith and its practices? In our time together we will explore central elements of Quaker spirituality, including: the founding experiences and understandings of early Friends; silence, worship and vocal ministry; personal spiritual practice; discernment and decision-making; and the link between our inward spiritual experiences and our active lives in the world.

This course comprises of three modules, followed over six weeks, with a 2-hour live session via Zoom per module. There is also a discussion forum, and learning activities for use individually or in small groups.

  • Module One – ‘The Shape of Quaker Spirituality’ and ‘The Early Quaker Vision’
  • Module Two – ‘Quaker Worship’ and ‘Personal Spiritual Practice’
  • Module Three – ‘Discernment and Decision-Making’ and ‘Quaker Testimony’


Woodbrooke Where You Are – Spirituality & Retreats


Stuart Masters


  • Learning Materials – recorded videos (5 hours) and written resources for optional reading (3 hours)
  • Group Activity Materials – optional activities to use in groups on your own (6 hours)
  • Three 2-hour live sessions on Zoom

Please mention at the point of initial enquiry if you would need us to deviate from this format (for example taking the course over a different time period).

Please enquire for in-person options

Fee: £735 online version

Book this group workshop by phoning us on 07935 601507 or via e-mail learning@woodbrooke.org.uk or fill in the enquiry form below:

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