Getting to know our extended family: Quaker voices from around the world

Worldwide Quakerism can be seen as an extended family tree – with many branches spreading out in different directions and bearing different fruit. But when we come down to it, we are all one family, rooted in a common heritage and core beliefs that still bind us together. FWCC (Friends Worldwide Committee for Consultation) is like the loving super-auntie who keeps us all connected, spreading the family news, smoothing out differences and making sure that once in a while we all get together for a really good family celebration.

Getting to know our extended family: Quaker voices from around the world Woodbrooke Quaker learning and research

The next big family gathering, the FWCC World Plenary, will take place online and in-person in August 2024. In anticipation of this, Woodbrooke and FWCC have joined forces to help us all get to know our Quaker cousins a bit better. From 6 November to 1 December, we are offering World Quaker Voices, a free four-week online course covering the themes of community, worship, history and experience. Weekly discussions on Zoom will complement the extensive online resources that have been contributed by Friends across the globe in the form of text, images, audio and video.

Would you like to know…

How Friends in the Philippines celebrated World Quaker Day in a food forest?

How a South Korean Quaker draws on Taoist mysticism as well as Quaker teachings as he seeks to build peace in a competitive, fractured world?

How a Palestinian Christian Quaker woman has spent 43 years ‘walking the edge where the spiritual meets the political’?

How a Kenyan Friend’s work for social action training group Turning the Tide has given her deep insights into the nature of social injustice and non-violent responses to it?

Then World Quaker Voices is the course for you.

The course has been developed by long-standing Woodbrooke Associate Tutor Jasmine Piercy, a British Quaker living in Slovenia. She has previously led several European Quaker Voices courses for Woodbrooke, and has coordinated Quaker Voluntary Action working retreats across Europe. Jasmine says “I’m excited to be getting this course off the ground at a time when our Quaker world is opening up to new post-pandemic online connections. Really looking forward to meeting the first cohort of participants and growing our community through shared exploration.”

Jasmine will be co-facilitating the course with Ludwig Quirog, a Quaker and environmental activist from the Philippines. Ludwig says “I am very thrilled to be helping Jasmine with this course on its second run. I was a participant in the first one and it was a great experience to be able to learn with others about Quakers all over the world. We are a beautiful family but tend not to know much about each other. World Quaker Voices gives us a way not only to get acquainted with the Religious Society of Friends’ diverse traditions, cultures, ways of worship, and ministries but to celebrate us in all our awesomeness.”

To help Friends in different time zones take part, the live Zoom sessions are repeated every Wednesday at 18:00-19:30 (UK time) and every Friday at 08:00-09:30 (UK time). The text, audio and video resources will be available online for participants throughout the period of the course, to make learning as flexible as possible.

There is no charge for participating, but you are encouraged to make a donation towards the costs if you are able, under our ‘pay as led’ scheme.

Click here to find out more and book your place on the course

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