Celebrating Samhain – exploring the Wheel of the Year

Start Date
1st November 2019 6:15 pm
End Date
3rd November 2019 2:00 pm


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A gentle introduction to the Wheel of the Year, the annual cycle of eight solar festivals marking the earth’s journey around the Sun.  The names of its festivals, rooted in pagan tradition and adopted by Christianity, are familiar to us all – Imbolc became Candlemas, Ostara became Easter.  We meet at Samhain, the moment of death in the Wheel. After death comes rebirth… Awareness of the Wheel can enrich and deepen our Quaker practice.

Chloe Scaling is a trainee secondary RE teacher and Quaker witch. After graduating Durham University with a BA in theology last year, she worked for Britain Yearly Meeting and started her PGCE in Liverpool in September 2019.

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