Finding the Prophetic Voice for our Time


Autumn 2007 No 21 –  01/10/2007


Author: Marion McNaughton and Lizz Roe

Document Code: WJ21

Description: Cliff There are two articles in this edition of the Woodbrooke Journal. This in itself is unusual as we usually publish one article from one writer and often an Eva Koch Scholar. This autumn I had to look elsewhere and it was fortunate that a current Woodbrooke tutor and one who moved on recently were both speaking at the Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) Triennial Meeting. It was held in Dublin in August and had as its theme Finding the Prophetic Voice for our Time. Both of these articles were written to be spoken, they are in an active voice and full of passion.

Quakers gathered from all parts of the world to share the week together and get to know more about their various ways of being Friends. Recognising that there are differences Marion was asked to explain first the common basis and biblical heritage of what Quakers understand as prophecy, then to explore different ways that different parts of the Quaker world understand prophecy today. This can range from a liberal call to action for social justice to an evangelical understanding that prophecy means to expound the gospel. She sets the scene using the roots of prophecy in the Jewish tradition to help understand the heritage of Quakers and how to live it today.

Lizz was asked to prepare ministry for an unprogrammed Meeting for Worship at the Triennial. Her contribution is a practical example, telling the story of her own experience which is grounded in the same historical roots. These accounts of the Old Testament prophets continue to inspire 21st century people of faith. She talks of holy obedience and being a countersign to the times. As well as giving insights into the history of prophets and the foundations of prophecy, both of these articles share an optimism about our capacity to be prophets ourselves in today’s society.

Judith Jenner

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