Healing Ourselves and Healing the Globe


Spring 2010 No 26 – 01/03/2010


Author: David Greaves

Document Code: WJ26

Description: David Greaves was the Eva Koch Scholar in 2009. Having spent his working life in medicine and latterly in an academic setting he wanted to spend some time reflecting on the implications of his academic work from a Quaker perspective. His doctoral thesis Mystery in Western Medicine was published in the same year he started attending Quaker Meeting for Worship. He had come to the conclusion that the ideas and values that underpinned his work in medicine were similar to those which informed Quakers. David uses the caduceus, reproduced on the front cover, as a symbol representing the mundane and the mysterious. In western medicine and society the relationship between these two elements has been distorted and too much emphasis placed on the rational and objective. The power of the staff in the hands of the gods to heal is the balance of the rational with the intuitive, the physical with the mystical. In seeking to understand healing for ourselves and the globe in the 21st century David integrates the spiritual and the material. He is able to contribute a distinctive, holistic approach.

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