They Too Are Quakers: A survery of 199 Nontheist Friends


Winter 2002/03 No 11 – 01/01/2003


Author: David Rush

Document Code: WJ11

Description: Following Peggy Heeks issue last summer, ‘British Quakers and the Bible Today’ (Issue No. 10), we continue with fresh research of contemporary Quaker attitudes. Along with Peggy, David Rush was an Eva Koch Fellow here in 2001. His work on nontheism among Friends covers both Britain and the United States. It is an important piece of fresh research on a growing phenomenon in the liberal branch of Quakerism over the past several years. As with Peggy’s excellent work, the opportunity to hear Quaker voices speaking their experiences and convictions adds an important qualitative dimension to the quantitative sifting David has done from his survey. So, generous quotation, along with a number of helpful graphs, give us a helpful portrait. Certainly, this essay adds to the path-breaking research of Ben Pink Dandelion (cited by Rush) and hopefully will lead on to future work. I happily commend it to readers — nontheist and theist.

Douglas Gwyn

Quaker Studies Tutor

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