What do we Actually Mean by Privilege?

Start Date
21st September 2020
End Date
1st November 2020


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‘Privilege’ is a word which has taken on new depths of meaning in recent years. Black Lives Matter and other movements ask us to think carefully about what we are given without having earned it. What unfair advantages or privileges does society grant some people for having white skin and/or an able body, or for being straight and/or wealthy? In this course, we will look at what privilege is and how it is complicated. We will consider race, disability, sexuality, and class specifically, and other issues in general, to uncover how our experiences of the world are shaped by social structures which give or take away privilege.

This course comprises of:

  • Recorded video and audio materials
  • Written and visual materials
  • A private discussion forum

This course does not have any live sessions.

Ivan Hutnik is a member of the QPSW conciliation group and Restoring Relations, with an interest in early Quaker history and the intersection of personal and social transformation.

Effy Lee is an American Friend with interest in intersectionality and inclusion in a Quaker context.

Craig Barnett is a Quaker who works with refugees in Sheffield. He is co-founder of the City of Sanctuary movement and currently serves on the Book of Discipline Revision Committee.

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