About Woodbrooke Learning

Woodbrooke’s learning programmes seek to support, inform and transform Quakers and others as individuals and communities. Through our learning we hope to nourish spiritual development, strengthen the Quaker community and enable and encourage work for a peaceful and just world.

Our learning focuses on deepening people’s understanding of the Quaker way and exploring issues of interest to Quakers and others such as personal spiritual growth, Quaker history, biblical studies and working for peace and justice.

‘fostering of a vital Friends’ ministry’, where ministry encompasses faith, witness, love and service.

Woodbrooke learning, whether in Birmingham, in Quaker meetings around Britain and beyond and online, is open to all who are interested.

At Woodbrooke teaching and learning is a collaborative process, creating a space within which the spirit can work among us. This approach seeks to be nurturing and enabling as well as challenging and enthusing. We aim to provide inclusive learning and affirm the gifts of all, offering stimulating resources, expertise and safe spaces to enable engagement with challenging ideas.