Pay as Led

In 2020 we are trialling Pay as Led for our new online workshops.

We will be asking people to donate what they can afford for the courses they book.

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Why are we excited about Pay as Led?

Pay as Led is a way for us to acknowledge that wealth is not distributed evenly among Quakers. It offers us a method of increasing the number of people who attend, as people who can afford to pay more can do so, enabling those who need to pay less to do so. We believe Pay as Led will enrich our community by allowing the inclusion of new gifts and perceptions, particularly from those who are financially challenged by geography, employment, or stage of life. This will strengthen the event.

The challenges of Pay as Led

The Pay as Led experiment presents us with some challenges. The financial challenge is that this is an experiment with no guarantee of success. We could end up with considerably less money than is needed to cover the costs of the event.  The administrative challenge is that it will require lots more work from our administrative staff. We ask you uphold those involved as we explore these new ways of working and tweak our systems to make it possible.

The spiritual challenge is that we have to explore how we may be led. The community challenge is one of trust. We have to trust that if we are each faithful, this will work out for the community. We have to trust that our presence is important even if we can’t afford to pay. We have to trust that our extra contributions will appropriately help someone else.  Pay as Led relies on the generosity of individual Friends to support the enrichment of our gathered community. The reward will be an opening up of the event to more people, with a diversity of perspectives, getting us closer to the goal of becoming an inclusive community.

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