Quaker Spiritual Insights in Responding to Climate Crisis

What is our role as individuals in addressing the climate crisis? What is the ministry of our meetings at this time? What spiritual insights do Quaker writings have to offer us as we explore these questions, both individually and as Quaker communities?

Woodbrooke has produced a set of study materials using Quaker spiritual insights to help Friends reflect on, and discern their responses to the developing ecological crisis. The materials, which can be used by individuals or in meeting study groups, do not propose specific solutions or actions. Instead, they aim to enable Friends to reflect on this issue, and discern what spirit-led responses are required at this time.

You can view the full booklet below or download it in whole or part using the buttons on this page. To request copies for your Quaker community use the form at the bottom of this page.

Responding to Ecological Crisis – Quaker Spiritual Insights on YUMPU.

Download Responding to Ecological Crisis – Quaker Spiritual Insights.

Download a version of Ecological Crisis – Quaker Spiritual Insights with black and white text. 

An audio version of the materials can be found on soundcloud here.

Alternatively, by clicking the links below you can download an individual chapter of the booklet, to save you having to download everything.

Download chapter 1 – Openings

Download chapter 2 – Convincement

Download chapter 3 – Acceptance

Download chapter 4 – New Life

Download chapter 5 – Transformation

Download chapter 6 – Testimony

Download chapter 7 – Discernment

Download chapter 8 – Faithfulness

Download chapter 9 – New Creation

Download chapter 10 –Patterns and Examples

Order a copy of Responding to Ecological Crisis: Quaker Spiritual Insights.


Please allow for up to 21 days for delivery from your request. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to post this resource outside the United Kingdom. 

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