Hope as Practice Resources

These resources are provided to enhance the pay as led online Hope as Practice workshops. We ask that participants make a donation to support us in continuing to offer learning to many people as possible.

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What does hope mean and how do we find the courage to hope that change is possible in a troubled world?

  • Hope’s Work blog by David Gee – eight blogs by David Gee relating to his forthcoming book ‘Hope’s Work’. We suggest you scroll down to the first blog and read them in their original order.
    • Corin Pilling explores the nature of hope and discovers it is most powerful and life-giving when it is collectively nurtured and shared. When we come together as friends and communities to articulate things – however small – that inspire and encourage hope, we will find it is a force to be reckoned with. https://livability.org.uk/hope-act-resistance/
    • The following is a talk from Chris Johnstone on his book ‘Active Hope – how to face the mess we’re in without going crazy’ co-authored with Joanna Macey (lasts approximately 1 hour, interview from 2013)

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