Loving Earth Project Live Sessions for Meetings

The Loving Earth Project aims to help people to engage with issues around climate change without being overwhelmed. It uses a creative approach to learning and reflecting on specific issues and helping us take action to care for what we love and to be good ancestors.

The project enables meetings to share their fears about the climate crisis as well as explore together the actions they could take in a supportive and creative way. For those meetings that want to continue the process, the group can then move on to creating textile panels. These textile panels will be exhibited to encourage reflection and action on the climate crisis.

There are three separate 90 minute sessions available and meetings can opt to do just session one, or also session two and/or session three , either in a single day or over a period of time, at a cost of £80 per session.

Session one: The facilitator will take you through the guided meditation which encourages individual reflection. Participants will create a drawing in response to the meditation which they can share with others in small groups. We will finish with worship sharing.

Session two: This is an opportunity to find out more about the project and how a meeting might go about creating textile panels together. There will be an introduction to some basic techniques for creating textile projects. Participants will have time to return to their original drawing and think about how they can develop it into a panel.

Session three: We will look at some of the panels that have already been done and the writing that goes with them. We will look both how they speak to us and the different techniques used. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and to share ideas about your panel with others. Depending on the timing, participants might start to share their own panels.

To enquire about having a Loving Earth Project live session for your meeting, please email learning@woodbrooke.org.uk.

These sessions are also available to groups other than Quaker meetings via QAN, for more information go to https://lovingearth-project.uk/.

Loving Earth Project Live Sessions for Meetings Woodbrooke Quaker Conference Centre