Academic Staff

Our team of academic staff are able to offer support and supervision in all areas of Quaker Studies. Some names below link to pages for more information about each person.


Honorary staff

  • Richard Allen – early modern British (especially Welsh) and transatlantic history.
  • Simon Best – sociology, especially adolescent Quakers, Quaker rites of passage, and the interrelationships between adolescent, young adult, and adult Quakers.
  • Jon R. Kershner – theology, especially John Woolman, Historical Theology, Global Quakerism and Global Christianity, Quaker Apocalypticism, Antislavery.
  • Hugh MacLeod – history, especially religion and sport in modern Britain; Comparison between the religious trajectories of the United States and of western Europe, with special reference to the periods c.1890-1914 and c.1960-80.
  • Rosemary Moore – history, especially Seventeenth-Century Quaker History.
  • Siân Roberts – history, especially twentieth-century Quaker women in humanitarian relief, education and social justice; refugee histories; histories of childhood; Birmingham history.
  • Don Rowe – education.
  • Giselle Vincett – sociology.
  • Anne Watson – education.
  • Benjamin Wood – theology, especially Augustine.
  • Rebecca Wynter – history, especially Quakers and reform; the Friends’ Ambulance Unit (1914-1919), aid history and humanitarianism; history of medicine and psychiatry; history of prisons.