Current Research Projects

The Centre for Research in Quaker Studies in running several research projects at the moment which you may be able to help with.


  1. The Prevalence of Online Worship
    In partnership with Britain Yearly Meeting, we’re running a regular survey to take a snapshot of how many Meetings are now worshipping online, and how many people are attending. The first of these surveys ran in May 2020.
  2. The Experience of Online Worship
    We are interested in gathering in local meetings’ history and experience of online worship and are looking for volunteers from each Meeting to collect information and pass it on. We have a list of questions ready to send out. Anyone interested in taking this on for their meeting should contact Ben Pink Dandelion,
  3. The Experience of Online Business Meeting
    We are also interested in the detail and experience of online meeting for worship for business and are approaching Area Meeting Clerks to help contact Local Meeting Clerks to gather this information. However if you want to send in your experience of taking part in one, please contact Ben Pink Dandelion,
  4. The Experience of Non-Geographic Online Worship
    Alongside the work on meetings which have recently transitioned to online worship, Rhiannon Grant will be exploring non-geographic communities and groups who have been worshipping online for a long time. If you participated in an online meeting for worship at any time pre-pandemic, or have information about them, please contact her at
  5. The Complete Works of Margaret Fell
    A project checking a transcription of parts of the complete works of Margaret Fell will help us move this forward to a modern-day published version. Unlike many of her male counterparts, Fell’s works have not been republished since their original collection and printing in 1710. This works best with people working in pairs (one to read, one to check), so ideally we need two volunteers per household.  All the material is provided by e-mail. Offers to