Student Profiles

There are over 40 students enrolled in CRQS programmes interested in a wide range of subjects.

Current MA by Research  students

  • Philippa Andrews, ‘Samuel Fothergill and Eighteenth-Century Quaker Reform’.
  • Richard Bainbridge, how and why people became associated with Quakers in Britain today.
  • Nicole Cline (USA), ‘Francis King 1818 – 91’.
  • Jonathan Doering, Quaker spirituality and creative production, particularly literary writing.
  • Andrew Jack, ‘Wittgenstein and the Quakers’.
  • Chris Lord, Quakers, Wittgenstein, and animal consciousness.

Current PhD students

  • Leo Barnard, a Quaker perspective on mental health.
  • Kelvin Beer-Jones, ‘Quakers and the History of Anthropology’.
  • Stephen Brooks, ‘Habermas and Quaker Business Method’.
  • Ian Cook, ‘Quakers and the Iron Industry, 1750 – 1800’.
  • Andrew Fincham, ‘Quaker Attitudes to Commerce’.
  • Erica Canela, ‘Quakers and Religious Identity in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, 1650 – 1725’.
  • Mark Frankel, ‘T. Edmund Harvey’.
  • Chris Gardiner, ‘Toeing the Scratch: A Historical Analysis of the Transition of Welsh Prize-Fighting c.1750 – c.1918’.
  • Frederique Green, ‘The American politico-legal system and the Amish’.
  • Fran Handrick, ‘The Effects of Changing Patterns of Employment on Amish Women in Old Order Communities’.
  • Melvin Harris
  • Damian Hursey, ‘Charles Taylor’s ‘Sources of the Self’ and Life actualisation’.
  • Margaret Johnston, ‘Quakers and the Priesthood’.
  • Sian King, ‘The distribution and ownership of English chapbooks and other cheap print in south Wales and its borders, 1650 to 1730’.
  • Hilary Marson, ‘A Quaker Theology of Personal Crisis’.
  • Irena Marusincova, Feuerstein’s approach to teaching in Quaker contexts.
  • Glen Morrison, ‘Patterns of Church Planting amongst Early Friends’.
  • Kevin Mortimer (USA), ‘Orthodox and Quaker Soteriology’.
  • John Shinebourne ‘The Meaning of Membership’.
  • Nicola Sleapwood, ‘Quakers and Business in the Twentieth century’.
  • Peter Staples
  • Marion Strachan, ‘Norwegian Quaker Relief after the Second World War’.
  • Ian Toombs, ‘Secular Religion and the Sunday Service’.