Living Out Our Ministry in a Time of Climate Crisis

This workshop is for meetings that have identified what they want to be and do and now need to thresh out what they need to keep and what they need to let go of to enable them to live their ministry in response to the climate crisis. This might include renovating or letting go of property, rethinking what you do with your money and also how you support each other in the work.

This day event is for meetings with a clear sense of what their ministry is. Grounded in the Spirit, we will look honestly at where we need to make changes in how we use our resources and how we might go about doing that. We will consider tenderly any areas of particular contention. The day may include practical advice if appropriate.


Woodbrooke Where You Are – Climate Crisis


Various tutors


1. In-person

One whole day

Fee: £345/£495

£345 for one tutor or £495 for two tutors, dependent on the needs of the individual event. For groups of more than 20 participants, a second facilitator would always be required. Please note that in-person or online refers to the location of the tutor. For this course it is possible to have a combination of online and in-person participants if the meeting is suitably equipped and it is discussed in advance, this would require two facilitators.  

Spiritual Accompaniment can be arranged to support your Meetings’ onward journey after completing a Climate Crisis Woodbrooke Where You Are event. You might also be interested in What can we do? Our meeting and the climate crisis.

To arrange this group workshop please fill in the enquiry form below. If you have questions at this stage please either include them on the form or contact us.

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