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The Eva Koch Scholarship


1.  What is the Eva Koch Scholarship? 

The Eva Koch Scholarship runs over a six-week period each year. The aim of the Scholarship is to give an opportunity for a short period of reflection, research and writing. The Scholarship is not designed to be narrowly academic. Rather, preference is given to small-scale and original projects which contribute to the life and self-understanding of Quakerism, and could be of interest and use to local Quaker meetings.

Who is Eva Koch? Find out here!

We offer up to four Scholarships per year. This allows each Scholar six weeks’ free room and board at Woodbrooke, access to courses offered while staying at Woodbrooke, plus £300 to help with expenses such as photocopying, travel, etc. A laptop is available for use as required, but no clerical assistance is available.

It is expected that Scholarship recipients will take part in the Woodbrooke community during their residence, and that the majority of their work will take place at Woodbrooke.
The Scholarship dates for 2017 are Monday 17 July to Friday 25 August 2017.

2.  What does it seek to achieve?

The new Eva Koch Scholarship seeks to:

  • Produce up to four short pieces of work annually, dealing with subjects and issues of relevance and importance to Friends in Britain and beyond.
  • Create the opportunity for Friends to make an initial exploration of a subject or issue that might lead to more significant research and action in the future.
  • Establish a mutually-supportive, time-limited reasearch community at Woodbrooke each summer.
  • Add value to the life of Woodbrooke during the period of the scholarship  (e.g. offering short talks and other events for residents, staff and visitors).

3.  Who is it for?

The Scholarship is designed to enable a number of Friends each year to form a small research community at Woodbrooke and undertake pieces of research or exploration on a subject that is of interest to Quakers in Britain and beyond. There are no academic or expertise requirements; however, applicants should be actively involved in at least one Quaker community.

4.  Criteria for Applications

Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Is the theme of the proposal of interest to Friends?
  • Does the theme of the proposal contribute to Quakerism by exploring:

- Quaker witness and testimony?
- Quaker spiritual practice?
- Quaker community?
- Quaker identity?
- Quaker corporate discipline?
- Quaker heritage?
- Quakers and other faith traditions?
- Quaker message and outreach?

• Can the proposal be completed within the period of the scholarship?
• Does the applicant have a viable dissemination plan?

5. Scholarship Requirements

Each scholar will need to make the following commitments:

  • To be in residence at Woodbrooke for the six-week period of the Scholarship.
  • To work in cooperation with the other Scholars to present their work to the Woodbrooke community at least once during the scholarship.
  • To produce a piece of work that may be disseminated to Friends in a number of ways (see section 7).

6.  Tutorial Support

 Each Scholar will be offered:

  • An assigned tutor (programmes team member or associate tutor)
  • At least two hour-long tutorials during the placement

7.  Dissemination Options

A flexible approach to dissemination will be adopted. Options include:

  • An essay published in Friends Quarterly
  • A series of articles published in The Friend
  • A dedicated Website/Blog
  • A Woodbrooke course (on-site, off-site or on-line)
  • On-line learning materials
  • An audio and/or video presentation
  • A lecture delivered and then published on-line

8. Applications

Please download an application form by clicking here - either as a Word document or a PDF.

Application forms are available in hard copy on request.

Please return completed applications to Martin Layton by email:

Each year the application process will open on 1 November, with a closing date of 31 January.

Completed applications will be considered by members of Woodbrooke’s Programmes Team.

9. Further Information

For any further information, please contact Martin Layton by email: or phone: +44 (0)121 415 6798.

Stuart Masters by email: