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Courses & Learning

Financial Help & Special Offers

Keep an eye out throughout the course brochure and online for offers specific to each course.

Testimony and engagement

Supporting Testimony and Engagement in the world: in 2016 we are reducing the price of selected courses by a third to support Friends learning in the areas of Testimony and Engagement. Click here for list of selected courses.

Offers for your first course at Woodbooke or for young people:

First-timers get £50 off a residential course at Woodbrooke. Never done a course at Woodbrooke before? Anyone can get £50 off of their first one. We hope this makes it easier for those who are tempted to take the plunge. This offer applies to courses at Woodbrooke only. This discount can only be claimed if you submit a booking form by email or post, which can be downloaded from our website here.  Do not book using our online booking facility. Please also read the terms and conditions for this offer.

Young Persons special offer. Anyone aged 18-30 can book a 2016 short course for half the advertised price.  This discount can only be claimed if you submit a booking form by email or post, which can be downloaded from our website here.  Do not book using our online booking facility.

    NB Only one of the above offers can be applied to any one course booking and the request for the discount must be made at the time of booking. We are not able to refund discounts once the booking has been made.

Accommodation offers

Sunday night special offer. Anyone participating in a Woodbrooke-based course ending on a Sunday has the chance to enjoy our hospitality for just a little longer. For only £40 per person you are invited to join us for Sunday evening supper, bed and breakfast. Sound tempting? Quote SNS16 when booking your course.

Financial Help

Woodbrooke is keen to help all those who wish to attend our courses but are prevented for financial reasons. At present we are unable to process bursary applications on-line so please apply in the normal way and contact us requesting further details.

Woodbrooke's Bursary Scheme provides financial help to anyone, Quaker or non-Quaker, who needs it to cover course fees at Woodbrooke. Please indicate on your booking form or contact the adminstration team at Woodbrooke. Enquiries are treated confidentially.

Local Quaker meetings have varying levels of funds but many meetings do support Friends who wish to attend courses at Woodbrooke. Please ask an elder or overseer at your meeting.

The Hope Fund, administered by Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW) at Friends House, may be able to offer some help to eligible unemployed British Friends. Please call 0207 663 1000.

Disabled people or those with caring responsibilities who might be prevented from attending will be given a free residential place for a carer or child carer. Please contact the administration team at Woodbrooke.

European Friends can apply for financial help from the Corder and Gwen Catchpool Fund. Funds are available for individuals and groups. Find out more information on individual bursaries. Please contact the administration team at Woodbrooke for help for groups.