‘Ben’ Pink Dandelion

‘Ben’ Pink Dandelion is Woodbrooke’s Programme Leader for Research.

Ben began his academic work in Quaker studies in the late 1980s, co-founding the Quaker Studies Research Association in 1993. He was assistant Director of the Centre for Quaker Studies at the University of Sunderland, 1994-98, and then initiated what is now the Centre for Research in Quaker Studies in 1998. He has supervised over 100 postgraduate completions.

Ben’s specialism is in the sociology of religion although he has also been published in history, theology, spirituality, travel and urban studies. He also supervises Amish studies.

Ben edited Quaker Studies for 25 years, and spent 6 years on the Steering Group of the American Academy of Religion Quaker Studies Unit. He sits on two editorial boards and is Honorary Professor of Quaker Studies at the University of Birmingham.



Research Interests

Ben has an ongoing interest in sects, secularisation and internal secularisation, as well as the decennial surveys of Quaker faith and practice.


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