Benjamin Wood

Benjamin Wood is a Woodbrooke Associate Tutor, a visiting researcher at the Centre of Religion and Public (University of Leeds). He has previously taught Theology and Religious Studies at Leeds Trinity, the University of Chester, and the University of Manchester.

Benjamin is a Supervisor at the University of Birmingham and a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Religion and Public Life at the University of Leeds.

He has previously taught at Leeds Trinity University, the University of Chester, and the University of Manchester. While at Manchester, he was lead researcher on the ‘What Next for the Individual?’ project, supported by the Lincoln Theological Institute. He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students in diverse areas of study including Systematic Theology, Christian ethics, and the history of Western Philosophy.

He can be contacted directly at

Research Interests

The Reception of Augustinian thought
Theological Ethics
Quaker Theology
Christian anthropology
The History Selves and Persons
The Philosophy of Religion
Political Theology

Publications Include:

‘The Decay of Western Liberalism and the Christological Alternative’, Cultivating New Post-secular Political Space, ed. Roger Haydon Mitchell, (London Routledge, June 2019)

‘Liberalism and the Pre-Modern A Theological Appreciation of the Politics of Jo Grimond’, Theology and Civil Society, (London: Routledge, 2018), pp. 131-147
‘An Ethics of Fidelity: Luther, Hauerwas and Environmental Activism’, in The Ethics of Nature, The Nature of Ethics, ed. Gary Keogh (Lanham: Lexington Books, November 2017), pp. 103-120

The Augustinian Alternative: Religious Scepticism and the Search for a Liberal Politics, Fortress Press, Emerging Scholars Series (Monograph)
‘Autonomy and Dignity: A Quaker Theological Response to Assisted Dying’, in Assisted Dying: A Quaker Exploration, (York: Quacks Books, 2016), pp. 93-105
‘The Survival of the Gift: An Enchanted Interpretation of Early Quakerism’, in Religions 2018, 9(10) 313
‘Montaigne and Christian Secularity: An Alternative to Radical Orthodoxy, Radical Orthodoxy: Theology’, in Philosophy, Politics, Vol. 3, Number 2 (June 2017): 250-293.

‘The Uncanny and the Future of British Quakerism’ in Paranthropology, Vol. 7 No. 1, May 2016
‘Reading Mill and Forster in Church: Liberal and Hauerwasian Ethics in Conversation’, Studies in Christian Ethics, November 2015 vol. 28 no. 4 478-490
‘Plurality and the Rule of Love: The Possibility of Augustinian Multiculturalism’, Political Theology, Volume 16:1, Feb 2015, pp. 47-60
‘Preserving Personhood: Quaker Individualism and Liberal Culture in Dialogue’, Studies in Christian Ethics, November 2014 vol. 27 no. 4. 474-489.
‘Obeying, Believing, and Rebelling: Montaigne’s Theology as Liberal-Christian Politics’, Political Theology, Volume 14, Number 4 / 2013

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