Glen Morrison

Glen Morrison

My research is in church-growth models. Work initially surveys of all the models of practitioner-authors since 1890. The outcome is a construct-based model formulation of each, along with descriptions of attributes and comparative analyses. Inquiry then examines the Quakers during their early years, up until 1656. There are several original contributions made as a result: (1) the development of a construct-based model framework, (2) a detailed comparative exploration of all such models, (3) the first detailed exploration of the early Quaker movement as a working model, (4) the identification of a unique growth model not elsewhere documented in the literature, and finally (5) first systemic explanation for the growth of the early Quakers.


Church Growth Model

About Glen Morrison


The growth of the early Quakers has long been an attractant to scholarship but largely not a focus of their research. As a result, contributory explanations of their growth exist but not a systemic one. To provide one, an understanding of church-growth models generally was needed, which also did not exist. As such, research set about establishing a comprehensive knowledge of church-growth models generally, and then in turn examining the Quaker model specifically. The advantage of this approach is the establishment of generalizability, something that a case study approach could not have managed. Consequently, my research extends knowledge on the Quaker model, all existing church-growth models generally, as well as any new models which may emerge in the future.


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